Welcoming Our Own

baby announcement

Happy 2016!

It’s been just about a month since I’ve written here. After writing this post, I felt a pull to take a step back from blogging and posting on social media as much. In that post and in my newsletter last week, I mentioned I felt like I was going through an evolution – a transformation, if you will.

Well, a lot of that has to do with the fact that Seth and I are expecting our first baby!

That’s right, I’m pregnant and due in July! We are so beyond thrilled and can’t wait to meet our little one. Here’s a little bit about how I’ve felt and what’s been going on…


The decision to take a step back from the blog last month wasn’t planned. I just felt myself turning more inward and wanting to be more present in real life. Also, the last 4-6 weeks of the first trimester were pretty tough. I had nausea most days and was exhausted all the time. My energy disappeared and let’s just say there were a lot of naps, a lot of resting, and a lot of lounging. I think of December as “the month of nothing” because that’s what if felt like we did. I’m very grateful everything I experienced was normal and fairly mild, but it was definitely challenging to not feel like my active, determined self. I’m utterly grateful for our lifestyle, our situation, and the fact that not only was I able to rest whenever I needed to, but that Seth’s schedule allowed him to be home with me so often. As crappy as I felt, I will always cherish all that time spent together – just me, him, and Bailey – at home, together, with nowhere to be. I give so much credit to women who experience vomiting or are put on bed rest, have to show up to work every day, or have other obligations that make it challenging to find time to rest. I don’t know how they do it.


I think the most challenging part of the first trimester for me was having no appetite. The only foods that sounded even somewhat appealing were things like toast, cereal, fruit, smoothies, crackers, and that’s pretty much it. There were a few times when I found myself frustrated about how hungry I was but how awful eating sounded. Eating became a chore to get through. I also found myself frustrated because I had pictured myself eating a clean, super healthy diet when I became pregnant and instead of that happening I was eating things I would never normally eat on a regular basis like cereal, muffins, and bagels. It’s been a really good lesson in letting go of expectations. Even though I’ve tried to make healthy choices, getting food down became more of a priority than what exactly I was eating. Ideal? Not at all. But my body needed calories so eating something seemed better than eating nothing. Thankfully, my nausea has begun to ease up and my appetite is slowly returning. It’s still finicky, but I’m so happy it’s improving and becoming easier to eat healthier things again.

Similar to how I expected to eat healthfully during pregnancy, I also always planned to workout regularly. Let’s just say this did not happen in the first trimester. I took walks once in awhile and went to a yoga class, but for the most part, I just wanted to rest and sleep. As my energy begins to return, I’m looking forward to start exercising again. I’m not looking to get crazy, I just want to be active and move my body again, especially because I can feel how tight and weak my muscles have become. I want my body to be prepped and healthy as possible for birth.


Pregnancy has been a huge lesson in letting go. I’ve had to lay down my expectations and tune into how I’m feeling and what my body is asking of me. I’ve really tried to set aside any guilt about how much time I spent resting and sleeping, how little I was moving my body, and how few greens I was eating. I’ve been practicing trusting my body that it’s doing it’s job and that it will tell me exactly what it needs.

The best part about this is obviously the little one growing inside me! It’s been so fun seeing how excited our family and friends are and knowing how loved our little one is already. One of my very favorite things about this whole process has been watching Seth fall in love with this baby. It’s made me fall for him all over again. He has been so loving, so selfless, and so helpful. I have truly been in awe of the way he’s stepped up and taken care of me. He’s never made me feel guilty about anything, he’s constantly checking on me and refilling my water bottle, he wants to be at every appointment, he talks to the baby and kisses my belly goodbye when he leaves, and every night when he’s home he lays out my vitamins and a glass of milk (swallowing vitamins in not my strong suit!) for me – all without me ever asking. I kind of want to be pregnant forever! ;)

In terms of how the blog is going to be affected, I’m allowing it to be an organic transition and taking the approach that I’ll share whatever I feel called to share and what I feel might be helpful for others. As this blog has always been a mirror of my life, there will be some posts on pregnancy as it’s now a very prominent part of my life and I know I’ll want to talk about it from time to time. I was never interested in pregnancy or baby related topics before I was pregnant so I expect that to be the same for many of you. With that in mind, I never intend for this blog to become totally about those things and for those of you not interested in them, always feel free to skip over them when they pop up and move onto other content. I do want this space to reflect a more well-rounded lifestyle focus with more home and travel posts, but there will still be plenty of style and sharing my thoughts of life and spirituality. If there is anything in particular you’d like to see here in 2016, whether pregnancy-related or not, please let me know in the comments!

Thank you for being here! I’m so excited to share this journey with you. The evolution this pregnancy is causing has me feeling more connected and aligned and I hope that translates into the content I create this year and how I serve you.

We are giddy with excitement about all this year will bring!