Welcome to The Girl Gang!

Welcome to the Girl Gang! | Natalie Dressed

There’s something about female friendships. Girlfriends. Sisterhood. When those relationships are genuine and authentic, they’re powerful. Life changing, even. They’ve been monumental in my own life. Many of the women in my life help keep me inspired, motivated, and passionate. They make me feel supported and heard. They help me grow into who I am.

One of my favorite parts of blogging has become sending out my weekly newsletter. It’s fostered that sense of sisterhood in a more intimate way than I can achieve here on the blog. I try to step into the role of a supportive friend for the ladies whose inbox I land in. It’s become something really heartfelt and unplanned. I generally sit down and ask myself what I’m supposed to write about and eventually something flows through me. Something about how I’m feeling, a lesson I’m learning or learned, or something I just feel like someone needs to hear. I just let it flow.

I’m honored and humbled by the appreciation it’s received. I’ve been happily surprised that it’s become one of the things people have said they most look forward to. A couple of people have even said it’s one of the only newsletters in their inbox that they open. What?! I don’t even feel like I can take credit because it feels like one of those situations where something greater than me is working through me. I sort of just feel like the messenger. But honored to be the messenger, nonetheless.

As much as I love the newsletter, the one thing I’ve felt was missing was the other side of the conversation – you guys. The sisters in the sisterhood. I dabbled with the idea of creating some kind of forum where there could be more of a two-way communication channel. A place where you can talk back.

That seemed a little complicated, but then I found a perfect solution – a private Facebook group. A little less structured, but everything all in one place.

Welcome to The Girl Gang.

Think of it as an online hub for open-hearted connection and conversation. A place where you can interact with me as well as connect with other like-minded ladies. A safe place to celebrate your wins, share your struggles, seek and give advice, and discuss everything from style to spirituality. I also hope to feature a blogger, creative, or small biz owner every so often for a live Q & A so you can pick their brains.

The Girl Gang is a private community because I want it to be filled with people who want to be there and choose to be there. You can get access by popping your name and email below. If you already get my newsletter, then you should have an email in your inbox with the link to access to group.


A little more on the newsletter…

As mentioned, the newsletter is a weekly message from me that isn’t published anywhere else. It’s straight from my heart to yours. In past weeks, I’ve talked about the benefits of small actions, people that trigger you, personal practices, and, yes, even the power of a girl gang. It also includes a section including Link of the Week, Outfit of the Week, and Product of the Week so I can highlight some of the things that have been inspiring me around the web. The newsletter is also where I typically share news first. You get a bit of an inside scoop by being on the list. For example, I sent out an email on Tuesday announcing the Girl Gang and giving my newsletter babes early access. And don’t worry, if you just want the newsletter and don’t want to be join the Facebook group, that’s totally a-ok.

So, if you’d like some inspirational mail in your inbox, I’d love for you to sign up here or using the form above. Once you sign up, you’ll be sent an email with the link to request access to The Girl Gang Facebook group so we can chat and interact!

Hoping to see you in your inbox and on Facebook!