Upgrading Our Lives

living room decor

Over the past year or so, I’ve had this feeling of outgrowing a lot of things, of wanting to uplevel, of wanting to clear out the crap. Little by little, Seth and I have been working on upgrading our life. This hasn’t meant turning our life on its head and getting rid of everything we own or moving across the country or really doing anything drastic. Instead, it’s been the process of small changes in what we buy and how we acquire things. For us, it’s been a lot about changing our mindset around money, breaking through a lack mentality, and ridding our lives of unnecessary excess.

We realized that buying the cheapest possible option all the time or buying things just because they were on sale or a good deal didn’t feel good. It felt like we were filling our lives with meaningless stuff and it was reflective of a lack mentality. Like I need to get that or else I’m going to miss out! It felt desperate. And on top of that, we were constantly having to replace things because they were breaking or falling apart. I wanted to be surrounded by things I actually loved, things that would last, things that would serve us well.

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For us, upgrading has looked like investing in the West Elm shelves rather than settling for the $50 IKEA ones that would suffice but weren’t a perfect fit. It’s been getting rid of stuff we don’t use (which is a never ending task that we haven’t totally mastered – check out the documentary Minimalism on Netflix for a little inspiration). It’s been picking up the recliner or plant stand off the side of the road not because they were free but because I actually loved them and they were exactly what I was looking for. It’s been getting rid of that same recliner when it felt like it was time and creating a more spacious feeling in the house. It’s been making more intentional decisions like investing in a high quality, toxic free mattress or waiting to find the right piece of furniture rather than impulsively buying a quick fix that would inevitably break down leading us only to spend more money to replace it.

It’s been investing where it counts. It’s been spending more money upfront to save money in the long run. It’s been focusing on quality. It’s been clearing the clutter and crap. It’s been being resourceful where we can. It’s been buying less. It’s been filling our life with things we actually love.

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Upgrading our life has been a gradual shift in my money mentality. It’s been a process of becoming more open and welcoming more abundance into our lives – not based on what something costs but on how it makes us feel. The West Elm shelves made me feel abundant because I was choosing to invest in a quality piece of furniture I absolutely loved, would be versatile if we ever moved, and would stay with us for years to come. And they were delivered already assembled! That was a big upgrade right there. At the same time, finding the perfect plant stand on the side of the road in a free pile also made me feel abundant because it felt like a gift from the universe that was exactly what I was looking for.

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Upgrading isn’t about buying something because it’s more expensive. It’s about allowing yourself to step up to that next level of purchasing power when you can actually afford it and it makes sense and feels good to you. It’s about conscious decision making rather than automatically thinking “I can’t afford that.” It doesn’t mean being stupid with your money, it means being intentional.

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I’ve honestly seen a more fluid flow of abundance in our lives because of the gradual and slow changes we’ve made. Because our decisions are more often aligned with a feeling of abundance, whether we are buying something expensive or dirt cheap, we attract more of that abundance to us. It’s not about the price, it’s about our energy and our mindset.

The more we trust that the universe is always supporting us and that our life is full and will deliver us exactly what we need, the more our experience confirms that.

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If you’re in a place where you feel like you can use an upgrade, I encourage you to challenge your own money mindset and to open it up to the next level. Maybe it’s saying yes to abundance by allowing yourself to buy the investment piece you love rather than the deal that will just suffice (if you can actually, truly afford it of course). Maybe it’s getting rid of the excess crap you don’t use so you can really focus on all the things you have and love. Maybe it’s buying a bouquet of flowers or treating yourself to a coffee in the morning. Maybe it’s splurging on someone else. Maybe it’s choosing not to purchase something in order to create more space in your life. Maybe it’s donating your stuff to a worthy cause to experience both more freedom and fulfillment. Maybe it’s giving away your time or making more time for yourself.

Upgrading will look different for everyone.  Figure out how you can feel expansive, supported, and abundant within your current circumstances and do more of that. Have faith that the universe is supporting you and look for signs that support that belief. And remember, upgrading isn’t about having a fancy life and expensive things, it’s about having a life you love that feels good to you and is aligned with your values regardless of how many things it’s filled with or what the price of those things is.