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Tree Chopping





This is the 5th year we’ve continued the tradition of chopping down our Christmas tree in the Santa Cruz mountains. I’m so happy we keep doing it – it will be so fun as Talie gets older. This year we mixed things up and went to Peacock Tree Farm based on a recommendation from a friend and we really loved it. I was personally most excited about the hot cider.

My family is a little nuts – we’re always making fun of each other, there are always inappropriate jokes, and there is never a shortage of sarcasm. Needless to say, taking decent photos is always time consuming because someone is always making a dumb face or photo bombing a shot. And you better believe I’m always fielding jokes about taking too many photos. They’re crazy and they drive me nuts, but I love ’em! They keep me humble. ;)


H&M sweater | Anthropologie cape | Target boots

  • Those guys holding up the trees. lol. And Tallie is the cutest! Thanks for sharing your Christmas tree outing. I enjoyed it. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Natalie!