taking a break

I’m a huge lover of self-help books. I find them so inspiring, intriguing, and motivating. Jess Lively is a site I visit daily because of her messages. It’s like my daily dose of inspiration for living a better and more intentional life. Today, as I was reading her weekly newsletter, I came across the line “if you are at all feeling ‘blah’ or jaded about the online world: please, take a break!”  

If I’m being honest, I have felt rather “blah” about blogging the past few weeks. It’s felt like more of an obligation lately than something I look forward to. And it’s not that I’m uninspired, it’s that I’m not excited about my content because I haven’t had made the time to execute my ideas – to take photos, design graphics, or write what I want to share. There’s a lot of ideas floating around up there, but I haven’t prioritized taking action towards them simply because my focus has been on things like training Bailey, my job, my diet, going to yoga in the evening, etc.

If I get the sudden urge to post the rest of the week, I certainly will. But I don’t want to come here and just post something. I want to give you guys quality content – content that I’m proud of and excited about. Because when I produce that kind of content, I look forward to blogging. And you guys get quality content instead of whatever I can throw together (who wants that anyway?). So I’m allowing myself to take a break. I have a three-day weekend coming up and I plan on using it to catch up, rest, and think. 

How you feel about taking breaks? Is it something you allow yourself to do or find value in?

Happy (almost) Easter!