Cocokind Organic Skincare

November Giveaways: Cocokind Skincare

Cocokind has become one of my go-to skincare lines, especially when my skin feels like it needs some healing. There is something about using such pure, organic products that makes me feel like I’m nourishing my skin by giving it only the good stuff. I also love the fact that Cocokind is a socially conscious company that donates to important causes and that all of their products are manufactured locally in San Francisco. I use the Rosewater
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bareMinerals Day in Napa #skinsogood

Good to Glow: A Day in Napa with bareMinerals

   Well, hi there! Happy Friday! How are ya? Seth and I have been on the go as of late. We visited friends in the Murrieta/Temecula area mid-February, visited Crystalin and Mike in Portland the first weekend of April, and just got back from our babymoon down in Santa Barbara and Venice/Santa Monica last night. One of the highlights in between all of this was spending the day in Napa last Saturday with the bareMinerals team!
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Why I Love Dry Brushing

I had heard of dry brushing – brushing your dry skin with a natural-bristled brush – before, but never really thought much about it. I’d always heard it touted for its affects on cellulite, which piqued my curiosity, but I just brushed it off (no pun intended) as another quick fix type thing that wouldn’t work. Pretty recently I’ve noticed quite a few people I follow mention that they do it and love it. Intrigued,
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