Summer Maternity Style Tips


I’ve mentioned before that getting dressed when you have a baby bump presents a whole new set of challenges. The further you get through your pregnancy, the harder the challenge becomes because not only is your bump huge, but your body is changing in other ways too. For me, my boobs have gotten bigger, my rib cage has expanded, my hips seem to have gotten a little wider, and my hands and feet have started to swell so certain things just don’t fit anymore, don’t fit correctly, or are extremely uncomfortable to wear.

Thankfully, despite all this and despite me only wearing a small fraction of my wardrobe in these last few weeks, I’ve successfully managed to go the entire pregnancy with only two pieces of maternity clothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing maternity clothing, but I thought if I was going to buy things for pregnancy, I’d like them to be able to wear them after pregnancy as well so I’m not just wasting money on things I’ll only wear for a few months. Today, I’m excited to partner with Stitch Fix, a personal styling service, to share some of my pregnancy style tips for those of you mamas-to-be!
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1 | Make dresses your best friend.

When I found out I would be due in the summer, I was so thankful. Even though you have to deal with the heat while being 9 months pregnant, the benefit of being pregnant in the summer is that you don’t have to worry about wearing pants! I’ve always been more of a pants girl than a dress girl, but this pregnancy has had me completely obsessed with all things boho so I’ve actually been excited to wear dresses.

The three dress styles I like best for pregnancy are empire waist dresses, trapeze/swing dresses, or fitted cotton or jersey dresses. These styles work well in every length, are comfortable, and are sure to accommodate a growing bump. A few things to keep in mind…

+ Your belly may end up making shorter dresses too short towards the end of pregnancy so either have some alternative options when you can no longer wear those or opt for something slightly longer so you can wear it all the way through the end.

+ Keep in mind material and fit. I have a couple of my regular shift dresses I thought I’d be able to wear throughout pregnancy because of the slightly looser fit, but they ended up not working at all because the cut was too narrow and the material didn’t have enough give.

+ When opting for an empire waist dress, adjustable straps are a godsend because you can adjust the waist of the dress to sit higher as your bump gets bigger and your waist disappears.
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2 | Remain true to your style by choosing pieces you’d normally wear that are in an appropriate silhouette.

Obviously, there are certain things you’re just not going to be able to wear for awhile like crop tops or high waisted jeans. However, you can still remain true to your personal style when pregnant. You just have to choose pieces with silhouettes that will work for you. I’ve always been drawn to slouchier, looser fitting tops so thankfully that translates well to maternity dressing. I have a handful of t-shirts and flowy tops that I can still wear even at the end of my pregnancy because they’re loose enough and long enough to fit over my belly.

The alternative to loose and flowy is opting for more fitted styles. Like I said, I was never into fitted styles before pregnancy because I didn’t find them flattering on me, but with a growing baby bump, it was fun to explore and experiment with fitted tops to really show off that I was pregnant. During the 2nd trimester, I loved pairing bodysuits with boyfriend jeans (when I could still button them). The fitted top and looser bottoms provided a nice contrast and the bodysuits totally highlighted the bump, which was fun, especially in the beginning when I was so excited to have a bump to show off.

When it comes to pants, I never wanted to be the person that lives in leggings…even though Seth gave me full permission to be. ;) Leggings are great and you definitely need a comfy pair for pregnancy, but living in them wasn’t something that would make me feel good or like myself. I wore most of my jeans until about the 3rd trimester using the rubber band trick. Since then, I can still wear a couple of my boyfriend jeans, but as the weather has gotten warmer, jeans have become less appealing. Instead, I often wear joggers (I love these from Madewell) or flowy boho-style pants with an elastic waist (I basically live in this style). Paired with a swingy tank top and long cardigan or denim vest, these pants can totally look like a put-together outfit rather than just pjs.


3 | Invest in 1-2 different styles of good maternity jeans.

The two maternity pieces I own that I mentioned at the beginning of the post are maternity jeans. One pair is the Emma maternity skinny jean by DL1961 (worn here) and the other is the boyfriend style below by Mavi. I highly recommend investing a little more in one or two quality pair of maternity jeans that you absolutely love instead of buying a bunch of different cheapy pairs because they’ll fit better, they’ll give you plenty of wear, they’re more comfortable, and you’ll feel so much better in them. Having the two styles of jeans I wear most frequently – skinny and boyfriend – has given me plenty of versatility and when I really want to wear some other style, I’ll just pull out one of my regular pairs and wear them with a rubber band (although at this point, the rubber band is definitely less comfortable than maternity jeans). Plus, if you’re pregnant during the summer, you probably won’t be wearing jeans all that much so you don’t need a ton of options. The style I prefer in maternity jeans is the elastic side bands rather than the over the belly band. In my opinion, the under the belly style keeps you cooler and is more comfortable and I like that there is still a button and a zipper so you don’t have to worry about hiding the front of them.

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Getting dressed and feeling cute during pregnancy, especially towards the end, can be a challenge, but it’s definitely doable! Shopping during pregnancy (and once you’re a new mom) can be challenging if you are limited on time and energy. Trying a styling service like Stitch Fix is a great option if you’d love to have a stylist helping you out and have items sent directly to your home based on your style preferences. You simply pay for whatever you decide to keep and send back the rest. The hassle and stress that can often accompany shopping are taken out of the equation for you, plus your stylist gives you ideas on how to style each item, which can be super helpful. If you’d like to sign up and give it a try, you can do so here!

I hope this post was helpful to you fellow mom-to-be’s. The biggest thing to remember is to wear what’s comfortable and what makes you feel good! If you have any questions regarding pregnancy style, feel free to ask in the comments or on Instagram and I’m happy to answer!



Dresses, jeans, & lace-up top c/o Stitch Fix | Aerie panama hat (on sale for $8) | Forever 21 denim vest, brown cross-body bag, & espadrilles | Free People tote | ASOS pink bag | Converse Chuck Taylors

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