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Style + Spirit x The Jess Lively Collection

Style + Spirit graphic tees | The Jess Lively Collection

Anything can happen.

One of my visions when starting Style + Spirit was to collaborate with thought leaders that I admired and whose message aligned with mine. Back then, I thought I’d collaborate with multiple people at a time to create one big collection made of up different thought leaders, each with their own tee. One of the people that sat at the top of my list to work with was Jess Lively.

I’ve been following Jess’ work for years and had the pleasure of styling her traveling With Intention workshops back in 2013. We’ve stayed in touch since then so I reached out to her shortly after launching S+S to propose my idea to her. She loved the idea, but kindly declined at the time as she was focusing on Life With Intention Online. I totally understood and moved on for the time being.

Fast forward to last November when I was with my family in Hawaii. I get an email from Jess saying she has an idea and to give her a call so I, of course, excitedly hop on the phone with her. She wanted to collaborate on a collection with me for Style + Spirit. I was thrilled! It felt totally unexpected and like it just fell into place. Fast forward to yesterday and the collection launched on the day that the one and only Brene Brown was featured on Jess’ podcast, The Lively Show (one of Jess’ own dreams being manifested) where they discuss the concept of santosha, which is what one of our shirts reads (so give it a listen if you’d like to hear a little more on that – plus, the episode is a must-listen anyway)! I couldn’t have planned that myself.

The moral of the story is that anything can happen. I planted the seed, let it go when it didn’t go as I had planned, continued working away, and eventually it manifested into something far greater than I could have mapped out with my own little brain. When it comes to the things we want in life, we must align ourselves (our energy, our actions, our beliefs, etc.) so that we can receive those things and then we must remain open to how and when they show up. Essentially we must continue to practice our values, and trust that all is coming because the when and how of things isn’t up to us.

If you’d like to check the collection out, you can head over to Style + Spirit to read the message behind each tee and even pick one up for you, a friend, or someone you love!



Style + Spirit graphic tees | The Jess Lively Collection

Santosha Tee | Open-Hearted Tee | Practice Sweatshirt

Special thanks to my beloved Meghann Miniello for creating the artwork for the Open-Hearted tee.