So Much to Give

So Much to Give | Natalie Dressed

Today, I woke up and checked my email like any other morning. But I had an email from PayPal sitting in my inbox. They were asking me to donate to the Nepal relief efforts. I thought, You know what, that’s the least I could do. So I donated. And it felt really good. Even if it’s not a large amount of money, the gesture of offering your support carries with it more impact than I think we realize.

Inspired by the people who stand up and help others every day, I decided to donate 10% of all Style + Spirit sales between now and Sunday to the relief efforts.

We have new designs coming in a few weeks so if you’ve been eyeing the Positivity tee, High Vibe Livin tee, or our Be Cool, Be Kind sweatshirt, I encourage you to get one this weekend. Not only will you be helping spread the message on the tee, you’ll be helping others who desperately need it.

Wishing you a weekend filled with endless amounts of love.