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If you saw my post yesterday outlining some of my hopes and plans for 2014, then you know that falling back in love with yoga and finding joy in movement are two of my intentions/goals/resolutions/whatever-you-want-to-call-them. These Mane Message hair ties are helping me stay motivated, especially because the pack I’m wearing (in my hair & on my wrists as bracelets) is called The Restore Package. (Plus, the colors are totally inspiring me.)

This time of the year is insane for us, especially this go around. We jam packed a move, Christmas, New Years (and our 9 year dating anniversary), my birthday, Seth’s birthday, and Bailey’s birthday into 3 weeks. Pretty much everything we could possibly celebrate happens at the same time (which is why we got married in September!). Restoration couldn’t be more applicable right about now. It’s time to restore myself more than anything – my energy, my strength, my daily routine, and healthy habits.

I’m turning to yoga for help with this because it gets me moving, allows me to tap into and listen to my body, and also helps me calm my mind and connect to my spirit, which will help guide me through the next few weeks as I try to re-establish healthy habits.

Anyone else also feeling the need for restoration? Or maybe there’s something else you’re focusing on to start the new year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!