project home: the living room

Project Home: The Living Room |

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m excited to finally be sharing some photos of our new place in Santa Cruz! The big stuff is all out and unpacked, but as you can see, we still have a long way to go. We need a fair amount of furniture (shelves, entry table, etc.), but more on that in bit. Since the consensus was to show photos of the current state as well as the finished product, I thought it would be fun to also include my ideas for each space – living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, office/closet, bathroom, and outdoor areas – that way both you guys and myself can see how the finished product varies from my original ideas. Each area will be a separate post so stay tuned to see the other spaces!

First, I wanted to share some photos of the overall living room so you get a good idea of the way the space is laid out. I cleaned it up a bit, but didn’t change anything because I wanted to give a real representation of what it actually looks like – imperfections, Bailey, and all!

Project Home: The Living Room |

I absolutely love the vaulted ceiling and skylight above the stairs (it used to be a loft before they created separate bedrooms), the wood ceilings with the white columns, the wood floors, and the overall open feel of the downstairs. I think we have a really good foundation to work with, especially because white and wood is one of my favorite combinations, as mentioned before.

Project Home: The Living Room |
Project Home: The Living Room |

Okay, now the fun part. Here’s what I’m thinking:


Project Home: The Living Room |

1. Even though the entryway is actually just one of the walls of the living room, this is the perfect spot for a narrow entry table where we can drop our keys, keep our most-used shoes, and display photos/books/artwork/etc. This West Elm Nook Console is probably my favorite entry table I’ve come across. I love that there are both drawers and shelves and still room to store some shoes underneath it. Also, the wood and gold combo is a fave. I’m just not sure if it’s worth it to spend that much on it. 

2 & 3. This door that leads to storage under the stairs isn’t exactly the prettiest thing (I think we may paint it to match the wall) so I was thinking of hanging these super cute striped Anthropologie hooks that I have above it so jackets cover it just a bit and then move Bailey’s dog bed in front of it. That way we still have access to it, but it’s not as noticeable. I could even do a tall plant on the right side of the door. The other option is to get a coat rack to put in front of the door or on the side of it. The only thing I want to take into consideration is that this wall is perfect for me to do yoga in front of so I can practice handstands and inversions. So I want to have enough room for that and don’t want to put anything on the wall that I might knock off with my feet.

4. I may leave this little box (it holds flip flops and Bailey’s stuff) where it is because it hides an ugly wall heater that is separate from the main wall heater and we don’t use. I could also do some kind of cabinet or even a plant maybe. Any other ideas? I’m a little stumped on this area.


Project Home: The Living Room |

1. I’m planning on getting these Ikea bookshelves to put side by side behind the couch. Originally, my plan was to paint the frame gold, but I think I will like the all white better and it will be more versatile if my tastes change. Plus, I can add in plenty of gold with accessories on the shelves. The couch will be moved forward a bit and the hidden bottom shelves can be used as extra storage for things we don’t need easy access to.

2. Our coffee table is Ikea and was like $20. I’m so ready for a new one. I think a round one will fit better in the space because of the chaise and will give us more leg room. I love this one and this one from West Elm, but both are pretty pricey. I could paint this Ikea one white or gold for a much more affordable option. I’m aiming for a lighter color table to keep the space light and airy.

3. Last week we got our rugs back from the cleaner so I rolled out the Rugs USA rug we had at our previous space. I love this rug, but I worry it might be too small for this space so I’m not throwing out the option of replacing it. Plus, the same day I rolled it out Bailey decided to chew up a green highlighter on it so we might not have any other option than to replace it.


Project Home: The Living Room |

1. This room has a plug for overhead lighting but doesn’t have any so we need to install a light since it’s pretty dim at night.

2. I really like this idea of creating a gallery wall around the TV. I like that the TV just becomes part of the wall and isn’t an eye sore.

3. Before I can create the gallery wall, though, I want to replace the TV stand. This isn’t a huge priority since there are other things we need more right now, but eventually I hope to get a white media unit to brighten up the space and to contrast our dark seating. I loveeeee this one from West Elm. It’s absolutely perfect and would look great with either of the West Elm coffee tables, but again, I don’t know if I can justify the price tag.

4 & 5. I like the idea of putting a tall plant and small side table in between the leather sofa and the wall. I think it would add some height, greenery, and liveliness to the room and the side table is an easy to way to add something interesting and functional to the corner.

6. The leather sofa really needs new pillows. The ones we have currently are mismatched and were bought because they were cheap. I think new ones will make a world of difference.

So those are the main things for the living room. Obviously there will be a lot more decisions on little things like accessories and styling of shelves, but it gives you an idea of where I’m headed. If you have any suggestions, I’m completely open to them so please leave them in the comments!