Coastal sunglasses

The Best Accessory for Summer

Slowly but surely I’ve found myself acquiring a rather large collection of sunglasses. I’ve become so much more adventurous with them than I used to be – I feel like I’ll try so many more shapes and colors now. And they really can add so much to an outfit. Sometimes I feel like even if my outfit is crap, if I have a great pair of sunglasses on, I feel okay about it. ;) This
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Anthropologie Chelsea Stripe Pullover

A New Take on Jeans and a Tee

When we were in Portland, Meg and I were shopping in Nordstrom and we walked by a few of the sales girls that were dressed ridiculously cute and I had the thought, “I used to be like them” remembering how much I used to love fashion and how much more I used to think about my outfits. My focus hasn’t been on my style for obvious reasons, but it was a reminder of how much I
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ThirdLove wireless bra

It’s All About That Base

An ill fitting bra can bring down an entire outfit. Trust me. Get the base wrong and the whole thing can feel off. I went to go take outfit photos last month and was wearing this cotton bralette with a tank top and when I looked at the first few photos Seth took in the back of the camera, I was horrified at how awful my boobs looked because the bralette was doing me zero
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living room decor

Upgrading Our Lives

Over the past year or so, I’ve had this feeling of outgrowing a lot of things, of wanting to uplevel, of wanting to clear out the crap. Little by little, Seth and I have been working on upgrading our life. This hasn’t meant turning our life on its head and getting rid of everything we own or moving across the country or really doing anything drastic. Instead, it’s been the process of small changes in
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