Oversized Denim Jacket

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ASOS someday lovin raw edge denim jacket
ASOS someday lovin raw edge denim jacket
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ASOS someday lovin raw edge denim jacket
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Forever 21 brown suede crossbody
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ASOS someday lovin raw edge denim jacket

I’ve been wanting an oversized denim jacket for awhile so I ordered this jacket from ASOS assuming I’d either love it or hate it. Thankfully, I love it. I love the raw edges, the lighter wash, and the fit. The only downside to it is that when the sleeves aren’t rolled, the arms are a little wide. I could get it tailored, but for now I like the look of the sleeves rolled, even if I have a long sleeve underneath.

A couple other things I’ve been loving lately…

These Quay Sugar & Spice Marble sunglasses. I don’t normally spend this much on sunglasses, but I loved that these were marble, oversized, and had reflective lenses. Most of my sunglasses are pretty classic so I liked that these were more of a statement. Keepers, for sure.

I’ve been really into sleeveless sweaters and the contrast of sleeveless high neck tops so I really liked this striped mock neck tank from Target. It’s nice and long so it works for the bump and has a nice drape to it, especially when tucking in the sides. I really like the way it looks layered under sweaters, too, like how I have it styled above.

When it comes to designer bags, I tend to like the ones you see everywhere less…I guess they just seem less special to me. However, the Chloe Faye bag is everything! I’m obsessed with it. Since I’m not going to be spending $2,000 on a bag anytime soon, this Forever 21 bag made its way home with me. I’m not usually into anything that looks like a knockoff but I really like this one, especially the color. It didn’t look cheap and I like that I could not use the chain it comes with so it’s a little cleaner.

I hope you guys are having a great week so far! We’re slowly but surely ticking things off our “to-do before baby comes” list. We finally got the garage organized over the weekend and are slowly decluttering the house. It feels good to make some progress! You may have seen on Instagram that I’ve gotten significantly more uncomfortable since my last update so I’ll be posting another update soon. The funny thing is that I feel best when I’m up and moving around and the worst when I’m sitting or laying down so it makes working for extended periods of time, resting, and sleeping tough. The good news is it’s good motivation to continue getting stuff done around the house. Just under two months to go!



ASOS Somedays Lovin Raw Edge Denim Jacket | Forever 21 sweater, bag, & espadrilles | Target mock neck tank | Gap jeans (similar) | Quay Sugar & Spice Marble Sunglasses