oscar weekend links + things


Snaps from our recent trip to Tahoe.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Unlike the gorgeous views we had in Tahoe last weekend, the weekend was rainy and spent inside. I spent the majority of Saturday on the couch watching Scandal. Bad. idea. I’m totally addicted and may have made it all the way through the first season and into the second just on Saturday. I did manage to peel myself away from the couch to work on cleaning and organizing my closet/office a bit. Sunday was spent doing nothing, but we got to hang out at my parents’ so Bailey could get some play time in with her sister and Reagan while we watched the Oscars.

Some links and things for your perusing:

o While watching Scandal, I did do one productive thing…I finally organized my “Home” Pinterest board and now have “Kitchen & Dining” and “Bathroom” boards. Why does organizing your Pinterest boards feel so good?

o  I’m anxiously awaiting Jess’ next podcast episode of The Lively Show. She recently launched the podcast and I seriously love it. Each episode has been both informative and entertaining, not to mention full of great advice. I secretly love that there’s nothing to watch because I’ll listen while I’m editing photos or cleaning. It’s the perfect thing to make a not-so-enjoyable task more enjoyable. I highly recommend it! My favorite episodes so far have been about fashion and finances.

o  Today I start Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted, a blogging course by Rachel MacDonald. I am so excited about the guidance this course is going to give me. I already feel so inspired just from the pre-course work. Given how much I love Spirited and the Spirited Companion, it’s no surprise how connected I already feel to Rachel’s words and guidance.

Last but not least!

o  THE OSCARS. Oh, The Oscars. Did you watch? I personally loved them this year. Ellen killed it. I mean she did break Twitter. She organized the most epic and popular selfie of all time and threw a pizza party while Brad Pitt so kindly handed out paper plates to everyone. She has a way of bringing out the humanity and normalcy of celebrities…a way of reminding both us and them that they are also human. Everyone’s walls come down and life turns into a big, fun dance party. I love her. On the fashion front, my favorites were: Cate Blanchett, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Lupita Nuong’o, Amy Adams, and Sandra Bullock. I loved the nudes and pastels and I also loved the navy. Who was your favorite?

Other highlights from the Oscars include:

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis wooing us with their adorableness on the red carpet. Double date, guys?

Jennifer Lawrence falling…again…only making her more lovable…if that’s even possible.

Lupita Nuong’o, Meryl Streep, and Amy Adams getting their dance on with Pharell…whose hat is back and will be hanging on to Lupita’s lip balm that she gave to Ellen to tip the pizza guy with.

John Travolta demolishing Idina Menzel’s name (read this and try not to laugh…it’s impossible).

And the Awards of course! Although I kind of think everything else made the night so epic.Have a great day, guys!