On Slowing Down & Getting Back to the Heart of Things

On Slowing Down & Getting Back to the Heart of Things | Natalie Dressed

My biggest goal for this space is to serve, to provide value, to spark inspiration. I want the content here to make you feel good, to make you fall in love with your own life and see the possibilities present, to change your perspective or make you think about something differently, to make you feel heard and supported. I want to inspire you to create a beautiful life on the outside by starting with the inside. I want to help illuminate your spirit.

When my writing, photos, and stories are aligned with this intent, things feel really good – exciting! Things flow better and I get eager to share in hopes that someone will gain something from it.

Being away made me realize that I’ve fallen a little bit away from this. Before we left for Bali, I was rushing around a lot. “Doing” a lot of things without a whole lot of purpose. I was going through the motions without realizing it – posting for the sake of posting, sharing for the sake of sharing. I forgot about value. I forgot about the why behind what I do. I lost my excitement.

My intent for October is to only post when I’m inspired and excited to share something. I don’t know what the frequency will look like, but I want to be passionate and proud of what I’m giving to you. I want you to get something out of it. I don’t want to rush.

There are some things I’m already excited to share – Bali, Big Sur, travel tips, fall fashion, and some other posts that came to mind on our very long plane ride across the Pacific.

I’m committing to no schedule, but only to follow my gut. I hope I’ll serve you better this way.



Photos by Carlie Statsky