obsessed: dogeared

To say I’m obsessed with this company is a massive understatement. I feel like I found my soulmate in a jewelry company. I have yet to own anything from here, but I want almost every single necklace on their site. Here’s why I’m obsessed:

+ The designs are so simple and dainty, but totally cool, fun, and unexpected.

+ The company is spreading a positive message with each and every sale.

+ The messages tied to each piece remind you to live that when you wear it.

+ The style of the jewelry is “inspired by California’s free spirited, natural beauty.”

+ All pieces are “designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness.”

The California feel and inspiration, the positive and spirit-filled messages, the simple but impactful design, the love that spreads with each wear – I just feel like this company embodies so much of what I love and believe in. Bravo to you, Dogeared. The world needs more companies like you – ones that are marrying style with spirit, positivity, and love.