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My Office on The Everygirl


It’s always been a dream of mine to have part of home featured online so I’m excited to announce that my office/closet space was featured on The Everygirl last week!

As most of you can probably relate, decorating is a process. It can be expensive and it can take a long time. I’ve never really finished decorating any of the homes we’ve lived in in the past and even though our current home isn’t finished, it felt good to finish this room, especially because I spent so much time here. The ironic thing about it is that once it was finished and ready to be shot, we found out I was pregnant and would soon have to transition the room into a nursery. It’s definitely a bummer to no longer have this pretty space to work in, but the reason is a really good one so it’s fine by me. ;) Plus, I’m excited to create the nursery space! Everything in our home is currently in transition as we work on moving all of my stuff out of this room and getting ready for the baby. You can see updates I post along the way on snapchat: nataliecomstock.

To see the full tour of my office and read my interview on my businesses, work/life balance, decorating on a budget, and our home and neighborhood, head over here.

Special thanks to Carlie Statsky for the beautiful photos of my office and to AllModern for helping supply some of the finishing touches that really completed this space!



Rug, Urban Outfitters
Office Chair, All Modern
Leather and Metal Arm Chair, All Modern
Wall Sconces, All Modern
Peace Sign Sculpture, All Modern
Desk, IKEA
Fjalkinge Shelves, IKEA
Clothing Rack, IKEA
Black Planter, IKEA
Floor Mirror, IKEA
Striped Storage Boxes, IKEA
Gold Bowl, Homegoods
Necklace Stand/Form, Homegoods
Mirroried Jewelry Box, Homegoods
Beaded Jewelry Box, Anthropologie
Gold Pineapple, Anthropologie
Square Mirror, Thrifted
3-Tiered Metal Cart, Target
Wood File Boxes, Target
Acrylic File Trays, Target
Desk Calendar, Target
Magazine Holder, Target
Wood and White Frame, Target
Wood and Black Frame, Target
Bamboo Boxes, Target
Black Frames, Target
Eckhart Tolle Print, Meghann Miniello
Hug More Often Print, Beau Champing
Yoga Class Print, Sara Combs
Bay Surfers Print, Sara Combs
Classic Print, SS Print Shop
Clip Boards,​ Office Depot
Globe, World Market
Agate Druzy Stone, World Market
Cement and White Planter, Dig Gardens

  • Oh my gosh, serious room envy Natalie! Your style is so inspiring, I like how you have your desk right in the middle of the room on the rug. The nursery will no doubt be a wonderful new change in your home :)

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  • jodie.keith

    This is such an amazing office space! I need this space in my life! I am so jealous and your dog is an absolute beauty.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  • oh my god, what a dream space! love all of your storage ideas!


  • I like how your work space is an extension of your style and fashion, instead of being something cold and separate. It’s so well done. you have great taste :)

  • I love what you’ve done with your shoes – it looks amazing! We did something similar with our hats.

    And that chair. Yes. It looks perfect to read on. Also, exposed bulbs are kind of perfect.

    Basically, this is phenomenal.

  • wow! This looks incredible! I absolutely love it. The shoes, the way you have so artfully displayed your wardrobe. perfect decor! And I adore that pup of yours:)
    XO, Gina

  • Such a stunning space Natalie, I LOVE it! I thought I had a lot of jeans, but I think your collection take it to the next level, ha ;-) Such a cool way to organize your jeans + shoes! xx

    • Haha, I may be slightly obsessed! ;) Thank you, girl! Means a lot coming from a taste maker like you! <3

  • Amber Stuart

    I absolutely love your office space! I’m going to use it for major design inspo :) Do you happen to know where your curtains are from?