mother’s day in moss landing

Mother’s Day morning was spent with Seth’s family. We had a delicious brunch and Bailey got to meet one of their dogs, Icesis. They both did really well and once they warmed up to each other, they chased each other around. Late Sunday afternoon, we headed down to Moss Landing with my family. Even though we headed down late and didn’t explore too much because everything was closed, I was still so happy to be there. It was completely clear and we finally got to eat at Phil’s Fish Market.

We ended up bumping into my cousin, his wife Stephanie, and their adorable two-year-old, Hudson. I hadn’t seen Hudson since he was a baby since they live in Colorado so it was great to catch up for a bit and see how big he’s gotten. They were in town for a wedding so it’s crazy that we just happened to run into them. Steph gave us some very valuable info: you can order your food to-go and pick it up in 20 minutes. The line at Phil’s was massive so we called our order in, walked around for a bit, and then picked it up and ate at one of the empty tables. It worked out perfectly! And everything was already in to-go boxes when we were ready to leave. Perfection.

Seth and my Dad showing Hudson how to throw rocks and shells.
The best thing about sisters is you can steal their clothes. I had shorts on and didn’t bring a jacket so I stole Roxie’s jeans and Emmy’s jacket before we left. Voila!
What this woman has put up with throughout the years is amazing. Even at 24, she still makes sure Seth and I are taken care of, calls to see if we need anything every time she goes to Costco, and will pick Bailey up on mornings when Seth is on a ride along and I have to work. I’m convinced she’s superwoman.
If you go to Phil’s, order the mini clam chowder in a bun. It’s the tiniest, cutest little bread bowl I have ever seen!