Monday Mojo, 1 : Achievement Addiction, Building an Intentional Brand, & Working with a Designer

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It’s already Monday again. Crazy, right?

I want to kick off this week with a new weekly series called Monday Mojo where we cover all things girl boss related. Right now there isn’t a specific structure to the posts – whether we cover business and blogging, productivity, inspirational stories, mindset stuff, or anything else, my hope is that starting your week here will leave you feeling prepared, uplifted, and empowered so that week by week you can co-create a life you’re stoked to live.

To kick things off, I’m handing you over to 3 ladies I greatly admire. It’s an absolute honor to be acknowledged in two of the articles, but the reason I’m sharing them is because I think the ladies behind them are brilliant and that the content is truly helpful.


Caitlin and Brieann from Wabi-Sabi Well are two women I admire and adore. I dig what they do and who they are. Caitlin’s interview here has a ton of great insight from her own journey and I found myself nodding in agreement with so many of the things the talks about, especially being addicted to achievement and consumed with doing rather than being. I also loved the bit she mentioned about Gretchen Rubin’s advice on “choosing the bigger life.”


If you’re working or planning on creating a brand, this article is a must. Rachel gives great advice on building a brand and provides real life examples to illustrate her message. I truly believe that brands that have a unique vision and share their story in an authentic way connect on a much deeper level with consumers – they naturally compel their customers to take action which takes away the need of convincing them to take action.


This article comes from Victoria McGinley, who is both a designer herself and has worked with designers, which gives her great perspective and experience on the subject. I definitely believe in the positive effect of surrounding yourself with people that are better than you and in a lot of cases, this may involve hiring a designer of some sort at some point in your life – whether it be for your home, an event, your business, or anything else. I think knowing how to work with them effectively can change the entire experience and help ensure that your goals are met and that you’re a happy customer at the end of the process. If you’re considering hiring a designer in some area of your life, definitely consider Victoria’s tips.

I hope you find these articles as valuable as I did and I hope you like the new series. We’ll experiment with it for a bit and see how you guys like it. If there is anything you’d like to see covered here, feel free to let me know in the comments or email me at as always.

Cheers to a kick ass week!