Mid-Month Check-In

Whether you do New Years resolutions or have guiding words for the year or even just have a single overriding intention like I do this year (to commit to my energy), it can be easy to slowly fall back into auto pilot and back into our old ways of being.

That said, this is just a little reminder to check-in with yourself. What were your original intentions, goals, plans, or desired feelings? Take a little time to get back into the energetic state of feeling present and clear and inspired. Recommit. Or maybe even pivot, if that’s what you feel is needed.

Although I haven’t made any concrete goals and am committed to following the flow, I have been intentionally stepping back from consuming and scrolling social media, giving myself some guidelines around health and fitness, and have welcomed some new daily practices (will talk about all this more at the end of the month). Today, I just did a little energetic check and recommitted to my original intention so that I don’t slowly and unconsciously slip back into old habits and a lower energetic vibration.

If you’re willing to share, I’d love to hear what your original intentions, goals, or core desired feelings were at the beginning of the month and maybe even what you’re needing to remind yourself of today.