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Hi friends! I hope this week has been a good one. I’m so happy the weekend is right around the corner. I’ve been having terrible back pains this week for some reason. (I think it’s from sitting all.the.time. Does anyone else have this issue?) I went to the chiropractor yesterday, which helped some, but I have a massage scheduled for Saturday morning and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Here are some links for your viewing pleasure:

  • Today I’m over on Sweet & Sage sharing some tips on how to refresh three different areas of your life. Even though I’m not in school anymore, this time of year always brings a bit of a craving for a fresh start.
  • If you haven’t seen Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards, you need to. It’s so nice to see a celebrity sending a message about hard work to our teens and young adults. It gave me a lot more respect for him, and even though I thought he was a weird casting choice for Steve Jobs, his speech made me more excited to see JOBS, which comes out tomorrow.
  • I’m getting really excited for fall shopping and am craving a black pair of low heeled booties. I’m debating between these and these. They’re similar, but I feel like their differences make them both necessary (right?!). If you had to decide, which one would you pick? Help!
  • Seth and I are constantly talking about houses and what we want in a house. We both agree that we don’t want something that big, but we want it to have character. I came across this pin and fell in love. The huge windows, the sunlight, the wood floors, the french doors. It’s all so lovely. If only we could find a place with character like that in or near San Jose that isn’t a million dollars. Maybe someday.
  • I tweeted about this article called “Living Paycheck to Paycheck” recently, but also wanted to share it on here because it’s so good. It’s fairly lengthy, but I promise it’s worth it. There’s some really good insight on how we need to give ourselves permission to earn more and increase our prices.

Okay, that’s a lot so I’ll leave to your reading! Have a great Thursday, guys!