jess lively’s with intention workshops

Over the weekend, I shared some photos on Instagram of Jess Lively’s With Intention workshops that were being held in San Francisco. I had the honor of being the stylist/assistant for the weekend, and I had so. much. fun. The fact that Jess looks for passion rather than experience in the assistants provides a great opportunity to people like me trying to get more experience. Casie, the foodie of the weekend, loves cooking and baking, but had never catered an event before. We were both amateurs, but the weekend turned out great. I wanted to steal all of her recipes – everything was healthy and so delicious!


Jess invited Casie and I to take part in the discussions when we had free time away from our job duties, which was really thoughtful of her. As a long time reader of Jess’ blog, one of the reasons I applied for the stylist/assistant position was to get some exposure to the workshops so being able to actually take part in the discussions was really rewarding. I feel like I have so much more clarity and direction than before, which is what I have been looking for for so long. Jess is an amazing listener and did an excellent job of helping every workshop participant individually. There were three main elements that I thought made the workshop so unique and effective.

1. The Content

2. The Collaborative Nature

3. Jess


I read Jess’ blog daily so I obviously connected with the content of the workshop. I just feel like she gave me so many new perspectives or ways of thinking about things. For example, she talked about how in order to achieve the vision we have for our life, there are certain things we will have to exfoliate or get rid of and there are certain things we will have to add. This made sense, but what really stuck with me was when she said that we may not be able to add to our lives in the way we want to right now, but there is always something we can exfoliate. I feel like there are so many times I think of things I can’t do that I want to, but I’ve never thought about eliminating things that aren’t contributing to the life I ultimately want.

There were several illuminating moments like this throughout the weekend. One thing that I was really helpful, and I really appreciated, was that Jess gave real examples from her own life and was totally honest with us about her journey. I think that enabled everyone to be open and speak truthfully.


There were several times throughout the workshop where we would go around the circle and focus on one person at a time. For example, on Saturday during the Business With Intention workshop, we went around and worked on finding each person’s purpose. However, everyone was encouraged to throw out thoughts and ideas in order to help whoever we were focusing on. I found this to be one of the most intriguing and exciting parts of the workshop because there were so many great ideas and perspectives thrown around. I felt like it was a great support system and everyone actually cared about the other participants. No one was judgmental. Even just listening to everyone else’s stories and journeys taught me and helped me so much. The fact that each workshop was so small was a huge factor as it allowed each person to be helped individually on a deeper level.


I’m so happy Jess realized that her purpose was to help others because she’s freaking good at it. She has a way of asking the right questions, listening, and being able to give you guidance that feels right. She never makes you feel like she’s forcing something on you and always checks to see if it feels right to you. One thing I loved is that she highlighted that who we want to be is already inside of us, it may just be hiding under a bunch of crap. She didn’t pressure us to dream up these huge dreams, but instead helped us figure out what we actually want, little steps we can take to get there, and, most importantly, that we have everything we need to be happy now. I left the workshop feeling refreshed, directed, and peaceful about where I am but excited about where I’m heading, which I never expected could happen.


If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop, I highly recommend it. It is so worth it. Alternatively, you can always work with Jess one-on-one. If you feel like you need clarity with how to get where you want to go, or, especially, how to find your purpose, talk to Jess. I kind of just wish she was my best friend that I could call all the time.

Thank you, Jess (and Jen) for choosing me as the stylist/assistant for the SF workshops and for allowing me to participate in the discussions. It was such a fun and rewarding weekend. It was great to spend time with like-minded, kind, passionate, driven people. I left feeling light, happy, and inspired. I am forever grateful for the experience.