January Love List

January Love List

I was going to start this post by saying “back in November, I started a monthly love list series where I share things I’m loving that month”…well, I looked and that happened not in November, but in AUGUST. August. I thought I skipped a month or two – nope, just four. Oy! As usual, my time perception is totally off.

But anyway! I’m bringing the monthly love list back. Here we go for January…

STATUS ANXIETY WALLET | I’ve been admiring this brand’s leather goods for awhile so since I desperately needed a wallet update, I thought I’d ask for one for Christmas. My siblings got me one and I have to say, I absolutely love it. I got the Delilah because it can fit a lot of cards and because I can put my phone in one of the outer pockets or even zip it inside. It’s nice to have a wallet that carries all my essentials that I can just grab out of the diaper bag when I just need to run into a store or go somewhere quick.

BEAUTYCOUNTER | I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been seeing BeautyCounter everywhere lately and I’m really excited about it. They seem to have done a really great job creating skincare and beauty products that marry natural ingredients with beautiful packaging, effectiveness, and an elevated feel. So far my favorites are the shampoo and conditioner, the Nourishing Day Cream, the Cleansing Balm, and the Soothing Face Oil. I’m pretty much excited to try everything else, but the Tint Skin Foundation, the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen, and the Nourshing Cream Ceanser are at the top of my list.

SHNUGGLE BABY BATH TUB | We’ve been bathing Talie in our new big, single basin kitchen sink which has been so much better than bending over the tub in our teeny tiny bathroom. However, she isn’t stable enough to sit in the bath by herself yet so one of us would have to hold her and the other would have to wash her. Trying to bathe her by myself when Seth was at work felt a little like a juggling act so I ordered this bath to try and I have to say, I absolutely love it. The way it’s designed helps her sit up without falling to the side or without her butt slipping out so we don’t have to hold her at all when she’s in it. I highly recommend it and wish we got it earlier because it will likely have a short life since she’ll be sitting up on her own in the tub soon. It’s also great for people without a convenient place to bathe their kids. If you don’t have a big sink and don’t want to bend over the tub, this is a great option. I have to admit, even though I love using our big sink, this is definitely nice when the sink is full of dishes. 😉

MINIMALISM DOCUMENTARY | Seth and I watched this on Netflix and both really enjoyed it. It really hit me in the gut and made me realize how much mindless consuming we still do despite getting better about how we buy things. I’m not going to minimize my wardrobe down to 33 items or live in a tiny house any time soon, but this documentary definitely left me thinking about changes I can make, how I can be more intentional, and how I want to live. It was also a great reminder that happiness and fulfillment cannot be find in buying more things. I highly recommend it even if you’re not a minimalist. I think there are great points we can all reflect on and things we can take away to apply to our own lives.

BOOKS | The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary for parenting from a place of conscious awareness rather than reactivity; Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver for stories on divine timing, signs, and synchronicities; Change Me Prayers by Tosha Silver for daily prayers and guidance in asking for daily guidance, Tao De Ching by Lao Tzu (Stephen Mitchell translation) for ancient wisdom delivered through a quick but deep book of short passages (probably not the best to start with if you’re newer to spiritual teachings), Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss for a toolkit of best practices from the guests he’s had on his podcast. Note: I did not read all of these books in January. I’m still working through some of them (I use the last three as morning passages) and am just including them all because they’re recent favorites and I obviously haven’t done a love list post in four months!

I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving this month or if you’ve tried anything on this list and if so, what you think of them!