it’s that time again

It’s time to get my butt in shape! This is a reoccurring, never-ending goal and I’m sure most of you know exactly what I’m talking about. My problem is committing over the long term. I’ve always been pretty active, but I always have a hard time sticking to a plan. It’s drives me insane! I’ll be great for a few weeks. I’ll eat pretty good, and I’ll exercise most days of the week, but then one thing throws me off and I’m back to where I started. I frustrate myself so much sometimes. It’s this internal battle…I know what I need to do, but actually doing it is a whole other thing. Losing weight isn’t my goal; I just want get in shape and get toned. (Isn’t that what everyone wants? To be toned?) Anyway, I don’t want to be gasping for breath after running a mile or waddle around because I did two squats the day before. Okay, I’m not that bad, but you get the point.

For awhile I’ve been developing this plan: once I get a job, I will run everyday before work even if it’s just 30 or 40 minutes. Well, yesterday I put the plan to action. Seth and I dragged ourselves out of bed and went running at 6 am. We only ran 2 miles or something, but I felt like death afterward. And I felt more tired for some reason. I swear my bed was literally calling my name. Needless to say, that plan is now over. There were a lot of things working against me, like the fact that I dislike running to begin with. And I hate getting up early. So putting those two together really gives me no motivation whatsoever. I’m not really sure why I thought it would be a good idea. So instead of running in the morning, I decided that I will just work out after work instead, which is what should have been my plan all along. Yesterday included my horrific morning run as well as a class called 24Lift at the gym. I’m definitely sore today, but it feels good and it’s not so bad that I can’t walk or anything.

Today I won’t have any time at all to workout because I’ll be working 9:30am-3:30pm at my first job and 4-11pm at my second job. But at least the second half of the day I’ll be constantly moving around.

My biggest challenge will be eating healthy foods. I don’t have horrible eating habits, but I definitely have a sweet tooth so that can be tricky. I refuse to go on any kind of diet because 1) it’s temporary, and 2) I’ll fail. Instead, I’ll just focus on eating healthier in general and not completely resisting my cravings…because that’s impossible for me anyway.

So there it is. My very unspecific plan for getting in shape. I guess it’s not a plan. Whatever. I wanted to make a public claim of my intentions of eating better and exercising every day (maybe a break on the weekends). So if you see me eating chocolate cake or something feel free to smack it out of my hands and yell at me to get my butt to the gym.