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It’s All About That Base

ThirdLove lace push-up bra

An ill fitting bra can bring down an entire outfit. Trust me. Get the base wrong and the whole thing can feel off.

I went to go take outfit photos last month and was wearing this cotton bralette with a tank top and when I looked at the first few photos Seth took in the back of the camera, I was horrified at how awful my boobs looked because the bralette was doing me zero favors. I made it work but I went home and literally threw that bra in the trash.

Now more than ever, it’s essential that my outfits start with the proper undergarments – whether it’s for functionality or just to make me feel a little better, they can make a huge difference.

I’m excited to be partnering with ThirdLove again to show you how the right bra can perfect three different top styles.


ThirdLove lace push-up bra  ThirdLove lace push-up bra

ThirdLove lace push-up bra

The unbuttoned button down is the ultimate effortless and subtly sexy look. We should all definitely be leaving our sports bras and nursing bras at home for this look. Something pretty underneath is a must for this look in case it peeks out a bit when you move around. Date night approved! ;)

worn here: 24/7 Lace Push-Up Bra

ThirdLove lace push-up bra


ThirdLove strapless braa

ThirdLove strapless braa  ThirdLove strapless braa

ThirdLove strapless braa

I love this trend, but it absolutely requires the right undergarments. I personally cannot go braless, especially since I’m nursing, so a good strapless bra is a must for me. The strapless bra from ThirdLove disappears under this semi-sheer top and doesn’t leave me with any weird creases where the bra stops (one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to strapless bras) or make me look like I have a uniboob. Highly recommend.

worn here: 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra

ThirdLove strapless braa


ThirdLove wireless bra

ThirdLove wireless bra  ThirdLove wireless bra

ThirdLove wireless bra

With a simple white tee, my favorite kind of bra to wear is either a black bralette or a nude t-shirt bra that looks invisible. The nude option is what I go for when I want something a littler cleaner and more polished. ThirdLove has a lot of great options in varying shades of nude that give you a perfectly smooth look – no weird textures or lumps. The wireless bra is probably the most comfortable bra I own.

worn here: 24/7 Classic Wirelss Bra

ThirdLove wireless bra

As we head into spring, it’s the perfect time to clean out those old bras and undies that you never wear, are unflattering, or are just plain uncomfortable…you know, the ones that you grab when everything else is dirty. Hop over to thirdlove.com to upgrade the foundation of your wardrobe. You can even download the app if you aren’t sure what size you are – it’s super easy! If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask on social, an email, or in the comments!


Thank you to ThirdLove for sponsoring this post and helping support this space!


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