i do tuesday: gifts for the bride-to-be

gifts for the bride-to-be

+ The Kate Spade Bride Idiom bracelet and Mrs. necklace are things she can wear forever or even save as keepsakes to remember such a special time.

+ What girl wouldn’t love a glittery serving set? Even if she doesn’t use it for the wedding, this set is a great, and especially pretty, addition to any kitchen.

+ The Newlywed’s Book of Firsts is a such a fun gift and is something the bride and her groom can read years later to remember those moments.

+ These Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail Glasses would make a lovely addition to any bar cart.

+ Brides like myself (read: the domestically challenged) can get a lot of help from the Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook.

+ I was gifted a ring dish and use it every time I take a shower so I don’t lose my ring. This one from Etsy couldn’t be any cuter.