home inspiration: white + wood

Home Inspiration
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Finding home decor inspiration is hard for me. Okay, wait – finding it isn’t hard. One swipe through Pinterest and I’ve pinned over a dozen spaces I love. The hard part for me is narrowing down what I actually want because I’m drawn to so many different things. My home decor tastes are similar to my personal style – there’s the side that loves whites, pinks, and girly elements and then there’s the side that loves the rustic, eclectic, well-loved look.

When I think about how I want our home to be, I think:

warm, welcoming, wood, white, light, airy, plants, neutral, splashes of color, clean lines, eclectic, well-loved, comfortable, lived-in, charming, happy

When it comes to decorating our new place, I think I will favor the rustic side (especially because that’s Seth’s preference) with more feminine elements layered in. There’s a lot of white and wood in the photos above and there’s a lot of white and wood in our new place so I’m thankful to have a foundation I love. It took me awhile, but I honestly think I now feel more comfortable and more accepting of the fact that I like a more natural, rustic look. It’s hard not to be pressured by everything in the blogging world and a lot of is very glam and girly. A small part of me loves that, but it’s not really me (or Seth, obviously) and I don’t want it guiding our decorating decisions. Also, I’m starting to realize that a lot of it looks similar. That’s not necessarily a bad thing –  I just want to make sure I’m staying true to our personal tastes rather than being influenced by what I think our home should like. It doesn’t need to “fit in,” it just needs to reflect us.

The bottom line is that I want our home to be warm and welcoming. I want people to feel comfortable kicking back on the couch and putting their feet up. I also want it to be a space that reflects both of our personalities and interests and inspires us on a daily basis. I think the furniture we purchase will be a mix of wood and whites, and maybe some metal. I’m also very drawn to a neutral foundation. Then I can go ahead and add girlier and more colorful elements through accessories – books, tchotchkes, plants, pillows, blankets, fresh flowers, wall decor, etc.

My plan for decorating is to buy the pieces we need to create our foundation first – bookshelves, entry table, desk, etc. And then we can add on from there. I don’t think I’m going to give myself any real rules in terms of color scheme. I want it to be an organic process where we pick up things we like on their own and figure out how to incorporate them. Obviously, if something totally doesn’t go or just won’t work dimensionally, then we’ll have to pass. But I don’t want to give myself any rules in terms of having to stick to anything specific. The homes I’m most drawn to are the ones that are a personal reflection of the people that live there. So that’s my aim. Wish me luck! Also, if any finds a money tree laying around anywhere, let me know! ;)