Heartfelt Friendship

Heartfelt Friendship | Natalie Dressed


I’ve been so lucky to have beautiful examples of true friendship unfold before me over the past few years. I’ve learned what genuine, heartfelt friendships feel like.

The truest friendships feel uplifting. Light. Fun. Energizing. Friends show up for one another. They hold space for you to vent, to celebrate, to cry, to discuss. They genuinely support your wins and help you through your losses. They’ll make mistakes, they might be different from you, but you learn from one another. You offer honest feedback. You listen. You help. You make each other better.

You may be similar. You may have the same interests. You may be totally different and balance each other out. One of you may be a better friend than the other. One of you may be in a better place than the other and thus able to currently be a better friend. Friendships aren’t about perfection. They’re about love. They’re about accepting the other person for exactly who they are. In a true friendship, you feel love. You feel support. You feel respect. You feel joy.

So. What friends in your life do you need to be thankful for today? What friends are showing you that maybe you’re not in the kind of supportive friendship you desire? What kind of friend are you being?

Check in. Adjust. Offer gratitude. And tell your friends you love them.

Thank you for you being my friend. I love you guys.