Healing Dry Lips


Dry, chapped lips are the bane of my existence. I’m happy to be partnering with Vaseline today to hopefully share some solutions for anyone also dealing with this annoying problem. Dry lips is my most common and consistent beauty problem. When shooting outfits, I used to complain about them to Crystalin constantly (sorry girl!). This winter has been particularly rough and my heavy use of indoor heaters probably hasn’t helped. I was shopping with my mom recently and she was concerned with how dry my lips were. I knew I had to figure out how to keep them from getting so cracked and chapped. Other people were starting to notice, lipstick just looked dumb because it sat in the cracks of my lips, and I was constantly picking at them.

To heal my lips and keep them hydrated as much as possible, here’s what I now do:


If I can feel my lips flaking, I tend to pick off the dry skin, which only leads to bleeding. To prevent that, I try to exfoliate them every few days after I brush my teeth to remove any dead skin. I got this lip scrub for Christmas and really like it. You could also make your own scrub at home with coconut or olive oil and regular or brown sugar. You want to have some kind of exfoliating particle included so it sloughs off the dead skin.


I’ve noticed a huge different in my lips when I don’t drink enough water. I always try to carry around a straw top water bottle with me so I’m getting enough water, especially now that I’m pregnant. (I’ve found that when I use a straw, I drink way more water than when drinking out of a regular water bottle.) There are definitely days when I don’t drink as much as I should and those tend to be the days when my lips are the driest. Hydration from the inside out is a must, and not just for your lips but for your skin and wellbeing in general.


Applying a moisturizing balm throughout the day really makes a difference and frees me up of having to constantly fuss and complain about something as trivial as chapped lips. Vaseline Lip Therapy tins are now available in the US at Target and I’m so thankful because they’ve been life savers for keeping my lips moisturized.  I have the tins all over my house so that I have easy access when I need them. There’s one on my desk, one by my bed, one in the bathroom, one in the living room, and one in the kitchen. I also use a little bit of these on my lips before I put on lipstick so the lipstick doesn’t dry out or stain my lips. My favorites are the Cocoa Butter and Aloe, but I also like the Rosy for in my purse when I’m on the go and want a subtle tint to add a little more life to my lips.

If you have secrets you live by to heal dry lips, I’d love to hear them so I can give them a try!



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