friday favorites

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately, and Molly touched on it here, is how I need to start saving money to buy better quality clothes instead of buying a million cheap clothes that fall apart and I wear once. I’ve been trying to be really aware when I’m shopping and think Will I wear this regularly? There are way too many items in my closet that sit there unworn. Our spare bedroom closet is half filled with things to get rid of and many of them have never been worn. It’s such a waste of money.

Today I thought I would highlight some pretty Anthropologie dresses and necklaces. Their stuff is always great quality so even though the prices are higher, it’s usually worth it. I’ve been wanting a long pendant necklace that can be dressed up or down. They have so many great options right now, but my favorite is the Ines Necklace. I have a thing for shift dresses because I feel like they’re the most flattering on me. The Flamingo Repeat Shift is so cheeky and fun without being too much. (And I’m kind of obsessed with flamingos right now.) I also love the Kaleidoscope Shift. It would be perfect for a wedding we’re attending this summer. I’ll be watching for it to go on sale.

Hope your weekend is as pretty as these dresses!