friday favorites: my christmas list

christmas list
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These are a few things I wouldn’t mind getting from Santa (or anyone else just dying to get me a gift) this year. Really, this list is for my family in case they have no idea. Buying for bloggers shouldn’t really be that hard – just look at their blog, or better yet, their Pinterest. Easy.

I’m dying over the Dolce Vita brown boots! I’ve been looking for the perfect pair and that’s them I tell ya. Come to mama. I think the two other things I want the most (besides Photoshop Elements, which my awesome brother already got me as an early Christmas and birthday gift) would be the “Work Hard & Be Nice to People” print, because I know the perfect place to put it, and the Kate Spade Larabee Road china, because we already got a few sets for the wedding and I’m trying to slowly collect 12 sets (we have a big family, people).

I hope to do a little Christmas shopping this weekend. Thankfully a handful of people are already taken care of. Tomorrow we’re also doing our final walk-through at the old apartment. Whew! It will feel so good to be completely out of there.

Happy Friday!