doggie days

Happy Monday, friends. How was your weekend? We got some of the stuff on our list checked off, but it wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. We did finally watch Argo though, and there was lots of puppy time so that made up for it. Since we can’t take Bailey to any parks or public areas yet, we took her to my parents’ to play with her sister, Liberty (they were puppy-sitting for my brother), and my parents’ dogs, although they aren’t quite sure what to think of the pups. Thankfully, they have a huge backyard so there’s lots of room for them to run around and get their energy out. Bailey jumps and prances around when she gets excited and wants to play – too much cuteness for me to handle. It’s crazy how much you can come to love a new little life so quickly.

She’s getting so much bigger already. It’s crazy how fast they grow!
She’s a daddy’s girl.
Two against one.
Milly gets so excited to play with the pups. She runs around the grass as fast as she can and twirls in circles.
Havin’ the time of her life.
My two loves – Bailey and dad.
The zoo that is my parents’ house, minus Yoda and Mikey, the other two cats.
Liberty sprawled out on the kitchen floor. What a little bear that one is.

Liberty came to our house for awhile and they pooped themselves out.
Exhausted little babes.