What’s in Our Diaper Bag: The First 3 Months

Diaper bag essentials for the first three months

Today I want to share what we keep in our diaper bag to show what our essentials are, what products we use and love, and that you don’t need everything and the kitchen sink! I’m a chronic over packer, but when it comes to the diaper bag, I keep things as minimal as possible while still making sure we have all the essentials. There are a few items we’ve never even used that we keep stocked for the one time we end up needing them.

Madewell bucket bag

When it came to choosing a diaper bag, I had the hardest time. I hated everything I found. I wanted something simple, functional, and stylish. I ultimately decided to go with a Madewell leather bucket bag with this insert. You could easily do the same with a leather tote or really any other regular bag that you love. It’s been a great solution so far. Here’s what I keep it stocked with…

Diaper bag essentials for the first three months


+ Portable changing mat | We don’t use this very often but it’s handy to have when you’re on a long outing in case you need to change the baby in a bathroom or something so you don’t have to lay them down directly on the gross changing tables.

+ Diapers & wipes | We use Parasol Co. and couldn’t recommend them more. They’re adorable and natural. You can use this link to get $20 off your first box!

+ NoseFrida | We probably don’t need to take this with us, but I’m always paranoid she’s going to have a massive booger I can’t get that’s going to block her breathing. Only a mom would worry about this, am I right?

+ Pacifier | I always have an extra in the bag in case we lose the one she has or she drops it on a gross floor and we can’t clean it. Talie likes the MAM brand.

+ Burt’s Beese Diaper Rash Cream | We haven’t needed this, but I keep it on hand just in case. I also love the Weleda Baby Cream that some friends got for us.

+ Honest Sunscreen | This can probably now be taken out, but I kept it in our bag during the warm months in case we were unexpectedly in the sun and she was exposed. Thankfully, I haven’t needed it yet. I’ll definitely be keeping it in our bag when we go to Hawaii next week.

+ Aseptic Plus+ | This is a product that you unfortunately can only get from a distributor (aka my dad). It’s a hospital grade disinfectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer. It’s totally non-toxic, allergen free, and fragrance free. We use this for literally everything and keep it in our bag for whenever we need to sanitize or clean anything on the go.

+ Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter | I no longer need this, but in the first two months it was an absolute essential. I took it with me everywhere I went. I had one in the bedroom, one in the living room, and one in my bag. Nursing was really painful for me in the beginning so this stuff was essential.

+ Nursing pads | These were another essential during the first two months before my milk regulated. As one lactation consultant said, I was a “milk machine.” Ha! But seriously, I’d leak all the time. Thankfully, it rarely happens now, but I keep a pair in the bag just to be safe.

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Diaper bag essentials for the first three months


+ Onesies


+ Socks

+ Pacifier clip

+ Hat

+ Burp Cloth

+ Washcloth

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Diaper bag essentials for the first three months



+ Gum

+ Mirror

+ Wallet

+ Sunglasses

+ Perfume

+ Chapstick

+ Lip gloss

+ Lipstick

Diaper bag essentials for the first three months

In addition to the items in our bag, we always have blanket, a burp rag, a pacifier, and a toy with Talie in her car seat. I can also fit a bottle in the bag if I’ve pumped and want to have one with me. Even with all that, I still have room to throw the Solly wrap on top if we’re going out to dinner or somewhere where one of us will want to wear her.

Two things to consider adding are an extra t-shirt for you (should a blowout or any leakage happen) and plastic bags for diapers/blowouts (honestly, a roll of dog poop baggies is perfect for this!).

For now, this setup has been perfect. We’ve never found ourselves without something we really needed. I think eventually we’ll probably upgrade to something a little bigger once she’s eating solids and we want to bring snacks and a few more toys or books with us. I like this option from Fawn Design, but may end up just using a leather tote or some other regular bag/purse. We’ll see!

If you’re a mom, what are/were your diaper bag essentials for the first several months?Signature_2015