denim on denim…duh

Denim on Denim | Natalie DressedDenim on Denim | Natalie DressedDenim on Denim | Natalie Dressed Denim on Denim | Natalie DressedDenim on Denim | Natalie DressedDenim on Denim | Natalie Dressed

Photos by Crystalin Marie.

Target chambray (similar) | Vintage Wranglers from Brandy Melville (similar) | Free People clutch (similar)| DV by Dolce Vita loafers from T.J.Maxx | Urban Outfitters watch | Brandy Melville California bracelet (New York version)

Today, I bring you a revolutionary new concept! Denim on denim.

Just kidding. But hey, when something works, it works. Don’t change what isn’t broken, right?

A few housekeeping items…

1. I’ve added a widget to my sidebar where you can shop what I’m loving and what I have my eye on. The red Free People boots are killer, right? They also come in leopard and black. I mean, how are we supposed to choose?!

2. To comment on a post, you now have to click the comments link under the post title (rather than at the bottom of the post). If you’re viewing the actual post page itself (and not just scrolling through multiple posts), then the Disqus box should be open under the post content as usual. I had someone confused about this so I wanted to clear that up in case anyone else missed it too.

3. In today’s newsletter, I’ll be talking about something I was reminded of recently. Each newsletter also features a “Link of the Week” and an “Outfit of the Week” from around the internet to inspire both your life and your style. If you’d like to be in the know, pop in your name and email in the sign up form at the top or bottom of this page.

4. I’m planning on starting a new guest posting series where I’ll be featuring other bloggers. While I have something in mind already, I’m curious if there’s anything you’d love to see or know from other bloggers. I’d love to give you exactly what you’re looking for so shoot. Also, let me know if there’s anyone specific you’d like to see featured.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Feel-Good Friday video!