The Danger of Measuring Our Worth in Numbers

The Danger of Measuring Our Worth in Numbers | Natalie Dressed

42 new Instagram followers! Almost to 15k!

Why did 5 people just unfollow me? Ugh!

No comments. *sinking feeling*

Kim Kardashian just retweeted me!!!!!

We’ve all been there. Okay, maybe not the Kim Kardashian part. But we play the number game daily. We ride the roller coaster of social (media) engagement. And far, far too often we measure in our worth in numbers.

This is dangerous business for several reasons.

1 | It could all disappear in an instant. The social platforms we live on are “sand castles,” as Jess called them in a recent episode of The Lively Show. If we allow them to define our worth and they suddenly disappear, then what happens? Our worth just vanished and we have no idea who we are.

2 | It’s exhausting. There will always be someone with more followers, Likes, fans, and comments than us. Essentially, there is no limit to how much we can grow on our social channels so we are always striving for more. And when we are obsessed with more, where we are is never enough. You know the feeling. It’s the worst.

3 | It distracts us from what really matters. In real life, when someone you love is struggling, you’re going through something personal, or even when you have an awe-inspiring real life moment, you remember that how many Instagram followers you have or how many Facebook Likes your page has don’t really matter. You remember that who you are as a person, the type of relationships you have, and engaging in real life are the things really matter.

4 | It’s extremely surface level and ignores the fact that we are worthy simply because we exist. Social media is a very thin slice off the top. When we do some introspection, self-reflection, and work on ourselves as human and spiritual beings, we begin to tap into our soul. We get into the meaty stuff that keeps us grounded, happy, connected, and fulfilled. We remember that the inner stuff is the important stuff. Thinking some numbers can tell us how much we’re worth is turning our back on our spiritual essence.

Here’s the thing.  There is nothing inherently wrong with tracking our numbers and building bigger audiences to expand our reach and influence. We are all trying to do that. It typically affords us more opportunities and even allows us to spread positive messages to much larger numbers of people. There are plenty of benefits.

But what I’ve noticed is that the truly happy, well-rounded people are the ones who don’t let those things define their worth as humans. It’s not that they don’t participate in the online world, delete their Twitter accounts, or stop trying to build an audience, it’s that they aren’t attached to the outcome and aren’t defined by their numbers. 

The next time you get caught up in the number game, just remember…

You are worthy of all good things. Simply because you exist. Period. Who you are goes far beyond your appearance, the image you create of yourself, and your numbers. You have a soul and spirit inside of you that will give you everything you need. And they – you, really, because that’s who you really are – will live on longer than any social platform could.