costa rica: part 5


Half way through our week in Costa Rica, we decided to go on an all day excursion at the Rincon de la Vieja volcano that involved zip lining, a 1200 foot water slide, lunch, and horseback riding to hot springs. Swinging through the jungle upside down was pretty awesome (and maybe just a little scary). Being up there wasn’t nearly as scary as I expected it to be because you can’t see the ground – you just see the tops of tress everywhere. The views were breathtaking.

Our horseback riding experience was unlike any other horseback riding I’ve done. We literally got on the horses in group of six people and the horses just started going. No instructions, no safety chit chat, no nothing. The guide with us didn’t speak English either. It was very apparent the horses had done this a million times before because they knew exactly where to go. What was funny to me was that they trotted along in pack basically. There were no singe file lines. If your horse decided he wanted to be in the front, he would push his way through the other horses to the front. We held on for dear life and laughed (out of both amusement and fear) the entire way.

One of the couples who was on the tour with us suggested we do a catamaran tour so we did that on Saturday and I’m so glad we did. We were out there for five or six hours probably. Sailing along was so relaxing and we could eat and drink as much as we wanted. We eventually parked ourselves in a little bay where we went snorkeling. It was my first time and once I got the hang of out, it was really cool. I would love to do it in clearer water. The sky on the trip back in was ridiculous. I think I took a million pictures just of the sky. If you’re ever in Costa Rica, I would definitely recommend a catamaran tour. So much fun.

The honeymoon over all was exactly what we wanted. There were a few days that we didn’t plan anything and just relaxed, but we also got to do so many cool things – ATVing, zip lining, horseback riding, visiting hot springs, surfing, sailing on the catamaran, and snorkeling. We covered everything we wanted to do. And we ate so much delicious food! I will never forget those shrimp tacos. I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to get away and see an area of the world we had never seen before. We always have quite an adventure when we travel together and this trip wasn’t any different. Next time we go back, we’ll be taking our friends!