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Seth and I moved into our current apartment in February, so it’s been about nine months since we’ve been there. We’ve hung three things on the walls. Sad, I know. I’m not sure if it was the wedding planning and craziness, laziness, lack of money, or a combination of all of those, but we never really decorated or made it feel like home. I styled one bookshelf with things we already had and that was it. That bookshelf made me happy though. There was nothing new in it, but the fact that it looked clean and organized was calming. We’re moving next week and I’m beyond excited to start fresh again. This time I plan to extend my work on the bookshelf to all the other areas of our home. We still don’t have much money to spend so we’ll be doing a lot of DIY projects, perusing IKEA, using our gift cards from the wedding, and incorporating smaller things  (like the things above) that add personality to our space.