chopping down a tree…the week before christmas

Jacket, scarf, & jeans (all no longer online), Anthropologie. Sweater, Topshop via Maria on the Poshmark App. Boots, Nordstrom (don’t remember brand // similar).

It was a ridiculously gorgeous day. I wish we had time to go to the beach.


Eli (my brother) and Carly (my cousin).

Seth doing all the work.


Cheek-grabbing cuteness right there.


She refused to take that dress off so we went with layers.


Oh hey, let’s give the saw to the three-year-old. Good one, Seth.


Don’t they look manly?


“Okay, just pour a little bit in my hands…or all of it.”

My faves.

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. It was always so magical to me as a kid. I guess it makes sense considering my name means “Christmas child.” I was supposed to be born at the end of December, but ended up being stubborn and decided to wait until Jan. 2nd. Speaking of my birthday, I can’t believe I’m going to be 23 in two weeks. This year went by so fast.

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday, and congrats to those of you finished with finals!
Stop by tomorrow because I’ll be sharing my favorite Christmas traditions!