Style + Spirit x The Jess Lively Collection Santosha t-shirt


Sometimes in life we talk about our circumstances in a way that causes the negative to overshadow the positive…or we try to mask the negative by overplaying the positive. Too often, we use the word “but” to describe situations. I could say: + Working for myself provides me with a lot of freedom and fulfillment, but it’s really hard and makes me face every doubt and limiting belief I ever had. + I’m so excited to
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Style + Spirit graphic tees | The Jess Lively Collection

Style + Spirit x The Jess Lively Collection

Anything can happen. One of my visions when starting Style + Spirit was to collaborate with thought leaders that I admired and whose message aligned with mine. Back then, I thought I’d collaborate with multiple people at a time to create one big collection made of up different thought leaders, each with their own tee. One of the people that sat at the top of my list to work with was Jess Lively. I’ve been
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3 Things I’ve Learned in My First Year of Business

The way time flies never ceases to amaze me. I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I launched Style + Spirit! It’s been an amazing ride, there’s been ups and downs and lots of surprises, and I’ve learned so much (and still have so much to learn!). Running your own business is hard, at times terrifying, and illuminates so much about yourself you may not have been previously aware of (both good and bad).
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Style + Spirit : The California Collection

Hey, hey, hey! I’m pretty stoked about today because this morning I launched the newest Style + Spirit collection – The California Collection! Style + Spirit itself is inspired by the easy, effortless vibe of California, but I wanted a dedicated collection to represent my love, admiration, and gratitude for this golden state I consider myself extremely lucky to live in. I’m sure many of you, like me, call the beach your happy place. It’s a
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