ThirdLove wireless bra

It’s All About That Base

An ill fitting bra can bring down an entire outfit. Trust me. Get the base wrong and the whole thing can feel off. I went to go take outfit photos last month and was wearing this cotton bralette with a tank top and when I looked at the first few photos Seth took in the back of the camera, I was horrified at how awful my boobs looked because the bralette was doing me zero
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Munchkin Luna Baby Gate

Our First Step Towards a Baby Friendly Home

When it comes to babies, there can be quite a bit of “gear” involved. Admittedly, I can be quite a snob when it comes to the design and look of a lot of it. Quite frankly, so much of it is just hideous! Thankfully, I think a lot of companies are picking up on this and there’s starting to be a shift towards products that are both functional and well-designed. The most recent addition to
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August Love List

Well, hey stranger! How have you been? How is it the end of summer already?! Time has been flying over here in our little baby bubble. You may have seen on Instagram or Snapchat (nataliecomstock) that we welcomed our little lady, Talie, into the world on July 24th! I’ll be introducing her and will be sharing all about that in a couple of upcoming posts, but first I wanted to kick off a monthly favorites
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Becoming a Tea Person

Like most people, I really enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning (or used to…keep reading). I don’t drink it for the caffeine, though. Rather, it’s just a warm, comforting, and enjoyable way to start the day. For the past several months, I’ve been wanting to switch to tea. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with coffee, but seeing that I like my coffee with cream and sugar, I just thought it would
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