Meeting Talie Morgan

The one thing you learn pretty quickly when giving birth is that you are not in control. Going into labor, like most people, Seth and I had an idea of how we wanted things to go. I wanted to have a natural labor, meaning a vaginal delivery and no pain medication. Having a doula for a cousin and being surrounded by many moms, both vets and rookies, we listened to their advice and viewed our
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ThirdLove bras

Let’s Talk About Boobs

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my boobs.¬†Growing up, I was always small chested. I think in college, I eventually got to a 32B, which was like woah I made it to a B! Progress! And that’s where I stayed until I got pregnant. The thing is, deep down, I never truly hated having small boobs – I actually liked them. They were convenient, I could wear a lot of things without having
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Snuggle Me Organic co-sleeper

November Giveaways: Snuggle Me Organic

When Seth and I started thinking about what Talie’s sleeping arrangement would be, we expected we’d put her in the bassinet at the end of the bed. When we got home, that bassinet felt like it was a million miles away. I drastically underestimated the attachment and protectiveness I’d feel for her. Seth and I both felt like we needed her right by our side so we could open our eyes and immediately see that
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Parasol Co. diaper giveaway

November Giveaways: Parasol Co.

Parasol Co. isn’t exactly a small business, but I wanted to include it in the giveaways because it’s a brand I love wholeheartedly and is present in our lives every single day. We chose to subscribe to Parasol’s monthly box of diaper and wipes because we wanted a diaper that we felt comfortable with Talie being in all day every day. It’s important to us to have diapers and wipes that are as natural as
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