Athleta street tights

Versatility, Style, & Function: 1 Outfit, 3 Ways

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my already casual style has only gotten more casual and functional since becoming a mom. There are plenty of days when I end up in workout clothes for most of the day (even though I honestly haven’t been working out much lately) or jeans and t-shirt. Day-to-day comfort and function are key so I’m always trying to find pieces that fit those two criteria but are also
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Anthropologie Gingham Ribbon Sleeve Sweater + Levi's 501 Skinny in Summer Dune

The Quintessential Summer Top

  When I think of summer, this top fits in perfectly with my visions of bare feet, worn in denim, the smell of BBQ, swinging in a hammock, feeling the sun on my skin, eating watermelon and sipping rose. The gingham straps carry on the fun sleeve trend while the knit top and easy shape give it a timeless feel. Whether it’s a casual weekend at home, a day spent wine tasting, or attending one of
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Coastal sunglasses

The Best Accessory for Summer

Slowly but surely I’ve found myself acquiring a rather large collection of sunglasses. I’ve become so much more adventurous with them than I used to be – I feel like I’ll try so many more shapes and colors now. And they really can add so much to an outfit. Sometimes I feel like even if my outfit is crap, if I have a great pair of sunglasses on, I feel okay about it. ;) This
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Anthropologie Chelsea Stripe Pullover

A New Take on Jeans and a Tee

When we were in Portland, Meg and I were shopping in Nordstrom and we walked by a few of the sales girls that were dressed ridiculously cute and I had the thought, “I used to be like them” remembering how much I used to love fashion and how much more I used to think about my outfits. My focus hasn’t been on my style for obvious reasons, but it was a reminder of how much I
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