living room decor

Upgrading Our Lives

Over the past year or so, I’ve had this feeling of outgrowing a lot of things, of wanting to uplevel, of wanting to clear out the crap. Little by little, Seth and I have been working on upgrading our life. This hasn’t meant turning our life on its head and getting rid of everything we own or moving across the country or really doing anything drastic. Instead, it’s been the process of small changes in
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Parima Studio abstract art print

November Giveaways: Parima Studio

Patricia Vargas is the artist behind Parima Studio. I’ve been following Patricia’s work for several years now and am inspired by everything she does. Although she has an art degree, she didn’t always think that painting¬†could actually be her career. In 2013, she opened the doors of her own studio. Her entrepreneurial spirit and bravery inspire me. She believes in loving and laughing abundantly, in living as stress free as possible, in connecting with genuine
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November Giveaways: Meghann Miniello Creative

I’ve always been in awe of people who have natural artistic abilities like drawing, painting, or calligraphy. You’d think that when you become friends with someone like that, you’d get used to it. I still never have. I’ve been friends with Meghann Miniello for 3 years now and when I saw her paint the wall hanging in these photos just a few weeks ago, the awe was still there. It’s like walking to her. It
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Munchkin Luna Baby Gate

Our First Step Towards a Baby Friendly Home

When it comes to babies, there can be quite a bit of “gear” involved. Admittedly, I can be quite a snob when it comes to the design and look of a lot of it. Quite frankly, so much of it is just hideous! Thankfully, I think a lot of companies are picking up on this and there’s starting to be a shift towards products that are both functional and well-designed. The most recent addition to
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