Soulmates Don’t Have to Be Human

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (nataliecomstock), you know how obsessed I am with my dog Bailey. She is everything to me. Since the day we got her, she’s brought immense amount of joy into our lives. It’s hard to walk in the door and remain stressed when you have an pup greeting you with a huge smile and wagging tail. For so many of us, our animals are more than just animals. They’re
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Spring Shopping: Shopbop Friends & Family Sale

Get Your Shop On: Shopbop Friends & Family Sale

I’ve become a little bit skeptical of the big sales everyone promotes. Not because I don’t like sales – who doesn’t? I mean, we all want to save some mula! – but I feel like so many times I’m just not excited about what’s available. As you’ve probably seen, the Shopbop Friends and Family sale is currently happening through the end of tomorrow (4/7 until 11:59pm PT) and I can safely say there is actually a
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spring fashion 2016

Spring Wishlist

My spring wish list just seems to keep growing. I’m just so excited for warmer temperatures! My belly still isn’t huge, but I know it’s going to grow faster and faster now so I’m eyeing pieces that I can wear both while pregnant and after – slouchy fits, comfortable and non-restrictive pants, versatile shoes, and cool accessories. I haven’t been super into the lace-up top trend, but it’s growing on me and I’m loving the
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Style + Spirit graphic tees | The Jess Lively Collection

Style + Spirit x The Jess Lively Collection

Anything can happen. One of my visions when starting Style + Spirit was to collaborate with thought leaders that I admired and whose message aligned with mine. Back then, I thought I’d collaborate with multiple people at a time to create one big collection made of up different thought leaders, each with their own tee. One of the people that sat at the top of my list to work with was Jess Lively. I’ve been
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