Big Beach, Mendocino

The Little Things

On paper, this year has been the mellowest – besides some travel, it’s had the fewest milestones, achievements, and external indicators of success. Yet, it’s felt like the most transformative and the most rewarding If parenthood has taught me anything, it’s that the little, everyday moments mean the most. It’s waking up to Talie’s face and falling asleep with her cuddled between me and Seth. It’s seeing the world through her eyes. It’s watching her
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Leslie Tresher photography

Let’s Do This a Little Differently

It’s crazy to actually type in my domain name and look back through my posts this year. I haven’t visited my own site in awhile. There are 14 posts from this year in total. That used to be less than a month of content! At the beginning of the year, I wrote about intending to surrender to the divine and to the flow of life. That post was written from what I can now clearly
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To My Mama on Her Birthday

Mom, Before your birthday is officially over, I just want to write you a little love note. Wonder Woman may be the ultimate badass, female role model, but she’s got nothin’ on you. I don’t know anyone who can do what you do. You are the ultimate. You are unstoppable. You are my favorite super hero. When I think about you – and whether it’s reflecting on growing up or just looking back at the
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Tree Chopping

            This is the 5th year we’ve continued the tradition of chopping down our Christmas tree in the Santa Cruz mountains. I’m so happy we keep doing it – it will be so fun as Talie gets older. This year we mixed things up and went to Peacock Tree Farm based on a recommendation from a friend and we really loved it. I was personally most excited about the hot cider. My
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