To My Mama on Her Birthday

Mom, Before your birthday is officially over, I just want to write you a little love note. Wonder Woman may be the ultimate badass, female role model, but she’s got nothin’ on you. I don’t know anyone who can do what you do. You are the ultimate. You are unstoppable. You are my favorite super hero. When I think about you – and whether it’s reflecting on growing up or just looking back at the
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Tree Chopping

            This is the 5th year we’ve continued the tradition of chopping down our Christmas tree in the Santa Cruz mountains. I’m so happy we keep doing it – it will be so fun as Talie gets older. This year we mixed things up and went to Peacock Tree Farm based on a recommendation from a friend and we really loved it. I was personally most excited about the hot cider. My
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Gap Factory cold weather outerwear

Gearing Up for Winter

I have a vivid memory of Seth and I walking to grocery store from my parent’s house back in 2005 before we could drive. It was raining, we were sharing a headphone set – one in my ear, one in his – listening to Shinedown’s 45. On the way back, we jumped in all the puddles and I remember having so much fun and being so happy. Since then, not much has changed and everything
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Snuggle Me Organic co-sleeper

November Giveaways: Snuggle Me Organic

When Seth and I started thinking about what Talie’s sleeping arrangement would be, we expected we’d put her in the bassinet at the end of the bed. When we got home, that bassinet felt like it was a million miles away. I drastically underestimated the attachment and protectiveness I’d feel for her. Seth and I both felt like we needed her right by our side so we could open our eyes and immediately see that
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