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Monday Mojo, 6 : Making Peace a Priority

Probably the most common annoyance or disturbance during most people’s weeks is stress. We feel like we don’t have enough time to do everything we need to get done. We’re annoyed by our co-workers. We’re frustrated by the tiff we had with our significant other. We feel like we have the whole world on our shoulders. Sometimes I gain enough awareness to see just how complicated I can make things in my head. We tell
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Monday Mojo, 5 : 4 Tips for Starting the Week with a Clear Mind

Happy Monday, beauties! We have another fresh week ahead of us – and it’s the last of April, at that. No better time to check back in and gain some clarity on what our priorities are as we finish off the month. I always seem to have more productive, enjoyable, and effective weeks when I go into them with a clear mind so I thought I’d share four things you can do to help you
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Monday Mojo, 4 : Life Doesn’t Have to Be So Serious

Rather than be inspired and motivated by what we can get check off our to-do list this week, let’s find inspiration from our interconnectedness and humanity. I watched this video on the importance of dad’s involvement in their daughter’s lives and it¬†totally put a smile on my face. And then there’s this awesome music video from Tim McGraw that will undoubtedly warm your heart. They’re just those feel-good videos that makes you proud of the
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Monday Mojo, 3 : April Check In

Well, hello there! You may have noticed posting was a little light around here for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been a little bit in the typical blogger struggle between consistent content and inspired content so I’ve trying to honor my own flow more and publish only content I’m excited about and think will be useful for you. I’ve been pretty focused on things away from the computer recently – transitioning the house, building
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