camping with the comstocks part 2: what we’re really like

There’s no shortage of ridiculousness in our family photos: my brother cheersing with my wine bottle and everyone’s obnoxious smiles.
Shoes erreywhere. This is what my parents’ house is like too. Sorry mom and dad.
My sisters are professional models (obviously). I was jealous they didn’t get me a visor and crocs too.
No outlets means piling your hair on your head and/or hats.
Trying to take a normal picture with mom and dad, but no. There’s always a photobomber. Roxie specializes in photobombing.
Dad and Liberty.
Puppy kisses!
Just rakin’ the dirt. #natural
Seth’s new best friend, Oscar.
Chewing on sticks and playing in the dirt.
Biscuits and a grease fire. We didn’t have the right size propane tank for our oven (yes, we have a camping oven) so we created an oven with the BBQ. 
A foggy Saturday means hoods on, frowns on. That gray blob in the upper right corner is my sister. It wasn’t cold or anything.

Anyone else have a family as weird, crazy, and so obviously stylish as mine? ;)