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Hi, beauty! As you’ve probably gathered, I’m Natalie. I believe Style + Spirit can go hand in hand – that you don’t have to sacrifice one in order to have the other. In fact, if you’re a style junkie like me, life is sweeter when you have both.

This blog is rooted in feel-good fashion, soulful style, and authentic living. This is a place for playful, fun, not-so-serious musings on fashion and personal style backed by honest conversations on spirituality and life in general. Natalie Dressed is a place for the girl that loves all things style and relishes in the beauty of the physical world but seeks to live authentically from a place of deep meaning and connection.

Here, style is backed by spirit.
Beauty is backed by depth.
The material is backed by the meaningful.

I believe true happiness, joy, and peace come from within. That the sweetness of life comes from something deeper than the material. The connection to our souls can only be found by looking inward. I also believe that while we’re here on this beautiful planet, life is meant to be enjoyed. Style should be celebrated, adventures should be taken, and material possessions should be honored.

Life seems to be a dance between form and formless. A happy, fulfilled, beautiful life is found when we learn how to balance the enjoyment of the material with the experience and connection of our spirit – when we learn not to tie our identity and self-worth to external things.

I’m here to tell you that there’s no need to downplay your knack for style because you worry it makes you seem vain or materialistic. There’s also no reason to closet your spirituality because you worry it makes you seem woo woo or weird. It’s okay to to be cool and confident and stylish. Because you can be kind and humble and spiritual at the same time. Embrace all of it, every part of who you are.

I hope the style, photos, and words shared here will inspire and empower you to embrace all parts of yourself and create a life you truly love. A life where style and spirituality can live happily ever after – where the beauty on the outside is simply a reflection of the connectedness on the inside.

Live beautifully. Live simply. Live deeply. Live freely.



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I write for the girl that loves fashion, rocks her own personal style, and gets lost in creating. The girl that loves worn in denim, painted nails, killer heels, and fresh flowers. She’s also the girl that seeks deeper meaning and connection and knows who she truly is, her spirit, isn’t defined by her life circumstances, what she has, or what she looks like. She’s a learner, a reader, a good friend. She enjoys a warm cup of coffee, a good meditation, and the company of her dog. Soulful conversations light her up. Her guy, her family, and her friends are at the top of her list. The outdoors refresh her, nature enlivens her. She loves to dance, even if she’s terrible at it, and seeks expression through movement and creativity. She’s a homebody but is always up for an adventure. She’s multi-faceted, beautiful, and flawed. And she totally accepts that.

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In 2013, spirituality moved to the forefront of my life. I really began to connect with the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer – teachings that had been presented to me before by my dad that I wasn’t quite ready for at the time. I began learning more about spirituality – reading and listening to Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Stephen Pressfield, Mastin Kipp, Danielle LaPorte, Kate Northrup, Marie Forleo, and more, in addition to Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer – and practicing meditation. Developing a spiritual practice changed my perspective, made me realize what’s truly important, allowed me to connect to my spirit and intuition, and opened my mind.

As my spirituality deepened, I started to question my relationship with style and fashion. How can I be obsessed with shoes and still be a spiritual person? Do I have to renounce all my possessions?! My love for fashion, style, and visuals didn’t fade away so I wondered how it all fit together.

How do you balance the seemingly opposite worlds of style and spirituality?

Eventually I realized that renouncing material things won’t make me more spiritual and that having a passion for style doesn’t make me any less spiritual. (More on that here.) In fact, styling an outfit, room, or event is quite often what I get lost in. Where I’m in the zone, going with the flow, totally immersed. It’s where I connect to that spark in me. It allows something greater than me to work through me.

I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Our possessions and the material elements of this world are meant to be honored and celebrated. Creating a life filled with beautiful things that make you feel good is perfectly okay. The key is non-attachment – not placing our identity and self-worth in the things around us or even our own physicality. And if there is an attachment, that’s okay, too. We simply need to be aware that it’s there.

Having a relationship of non-attachment with your things is totally freeing. You can enjoy your things wholeheartedly without the worry that you or your life will somehow be diminished if they go away. I am certainly not yet in a place of total non-attachment with my things. I think it takes a lifetime of practice. But instead of getting hung up on the fact that I have attachments,, I simply try to bring awareness to them.

For me, style and visuals actually allow me to be more present. A clean house or a killer outfit free me up of the worry that something is off. I can totally engage in my day. And it gives me positive energy to take with me into other aspects of my life.

A life of beauty, meaning, and purpose comes when we can enjoy both the form and the formless, the material and the spiritual – when we can celebrate our penchant for style while still honoring the voice of our spirit.

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  • My husband, Seth, and I live with our rottweiler pup Bailey in Santa Cruz, a colorful little beach town in Northern California. We both grew up in San Jose.
  • I started my graphic apparel brand, Style + Spirit, to bring to life the message this blog is rooted in. I couldn’t find a one-stop-shop for positive, inspiring, and cool graphic tees and the idea wouldn’t stop asking for my attention so I finally decided to listen and to allow life to work through me.
  • The beach is my happy place. Sunshine is my fuel.
  • I’m the oldest of five kids. Our family is huge, crazy, sarcastic, and the absolute best. My family is my rock.
  • I was synchronized figure skater for 10 years. “Rink rat” was a pretty accurate description.
  • Seth and I met at the skating rink in our early days of high school (he played hockey). We’ve been together for almost 11 years now and got married on September 21, 2012. You can see our wedding photos here and here.
  • I was a dancer throughout high school and college, but never competed.
  • I’m now a regularly practicing yogi. Clearly, I love movement that requires your entire body – extension and expression from to top of your head down to your toes and out through your fingers.
  • I’m a former homeschooler. Let’s just say Star Wars has a special place in my heart.
  • Our pup, Bailey, is quite literally my dream come true. I don’t know how my heart contains my love for her. (Puppy photos here.)
  • I could read all day everyday, especially about self-development or spirituality. Basically, Audible is my best friend.
  • I believe the best thing we can do is be kind to one another and spread love in any way possible.


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Worn in denim. Weekends. Killer heels. Graphic tees. Fresh flowers. Dancing. The perfect slouchy tee. Chocolate. Painted nails. Soulful conversation. Great design. Good books. Board games. Walk & talks. White towels. Yoga. Sunshine. My husband and his humor. Bailey. Rotties in general. Family dinners. Sand, sun, & sea. Candles. Shopping. Camping. Being in nature. Green smoothies. Travel. Decorating. Styling. Writing. Music you feel in your bones. White space. Pizza and wine. Ice cream. Learning. Meditation. Laughter. Total presence. Gratitude. Peace. Love.