About Natalie

About pages feel so daunting, don’t they? Like you have to perfectly encapsulate your entire life and who you are right here, right now. The truth is – I’m a growing, changing, evolving person, as we all are. I’ll never get this just right. My former perfectionist self would be stressing! But I’m going with it.

So here’s what you should know. Generally speaking, this space is where style, motherhood, and consciousness converge. But I’ve learned to enjoy coloring outside the lines so who’s to say that’s all we’ll talk about.

The thing I’ve learned from becoming a mother is to stay open to the flow of life and watch the magic happen. My current approach to life is this:

get happy and see what flows from there.

I’m giving myself permission to approach life with curiosity and playfulness, to walk towards the edges of my comfort zone, to break the barriers of the box that is perfectionism, to embrace motherhood with open arms, to hold a potentially dissenting opinion, to lean into ease, and to trust myself. It’ll likely be a messy, imperfect ride but if any of it resonates with you, I invite you to have a glass of wine and stick around around for awhile!

Leslie Tresher photography

This blog was originally named Natalie Dressed as a play on the term “nattily dressed” – meaning smartly or fashionably dressed – and began as what I thought would be a living resume to help me get a career in the fashion world. Thank god that didn’t happen. Never did I imagine this space would be such a transformative part of my life, teaching me a whole new skill set, awakening a creative side of my then-thought-to-be dominantly analytical nature, and creating a sense of community and kinship with women I find fascinating, inspiring, and many of whom I now get to call friends.

This blog has evolved and grown right alongside with me. My evolving interest and passion to live a life of beauty eventually expanded to include a deep desire to live a life of spiritual depth. Blogging revealed to me my love of writing and I began to write with a feeling of openness and honesty as I began to messily connect the seemingly opposite worlds of style and spirituality that I felt so drawn to.

In July 2016, I stepped into my most important role yet – motherhood – and my world was turned upside down. I never could have prepared for the wild, beautiful, testing, magical ride it would prove to be. From moments where I thought I was going to break to moments where I couldn’t imagine feeling any more joy, it’s been massively transformative and unlike anything else, to say the least. Internally, everything has shifted and transformed and continues to. Motherhood brings a new perspective on life. Many old thought patterns and beliefs have fallen away or been reimagined. There is still so much work to do, but I’ve found myself in a place with a desire to do things differently – to prioritize alignment, my vibrational energy, and a connection with my inner guidance.

In many ways, motherhood led me back to myself. It has been both been an unraveling of the self and a stepping into a becoming. Instead of waiting for the evolution to be complete (because will it ever be?), I’m choosing to ditch perfection as best I can and write from where I am. In pencil (as Jess Lively would say). I share from a heartfelt desire to explore my own joy again, to find connection with you, to be transparent, and to simply relate to one another. Let’s see what happens, shall we?

In case you’re wondering who the hell I am, here’s a few deets.

I own and operate a graphic apparel brand (born from this blog) called Style + Spirit that makes clothing for the conscious, touting messages centered around kindness, raising our vibration, and remembering our interconnectedness. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Seth, who is pure magic and discipline and humor and strength and love. We live in Santa Cruz, CA with our sunshine of a daughter, Talie, who was born in July 2016 and our beloved rottweiler with a tail and Talie’s BFF, Bailey.

My deepest passion lies in the world of spirituality and consciousness. Personal development books, spiritual texts and teachings, and information about the mind and the power of belief are fascinating and endlessly interesting to me. At the same time, I also get such joy and creative fulfillment from fashion, style, home decor, and anything design related. I’d like to think I have an eye for beautiful aesthetics but even if I don’t, I enjoy pretending to. I’m a denim girl through and through. I love a killer pair of heels, but since becoming a mom, I’ve found enjoyment in the coolness and comfort of my growing sneaker and high top collection. Sarcasm is innate in me. But so is kindness. I eat as much real food as possible and do my best to live a healthy, clean, toxin-free lifestyle, but I definitely don’t have it down pat yet. A little sunshine and time outside can instantly refresh and move my energy around. Meditation, journaling, and podcasts are my go-to methods for tuning back into myself and finding alignment. I’m also a sucker for trashy reality TV; I live for my morning coffee; I don’t think you can have too many plants; and I’m always down for a glass of wine (or two). I often feel like a walking contradiction, but I’ve learned to roll with it.

Special thank you to Leslie Tresher for these beautiful photos.