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Well guys, we’re moving to Santa Cruz!

I’ve briefly mentioned before that we’ve been looking for a place so I’m happy to report that we finally found one. Such a relief. The plan wasn’t even to look in Santa Cruz…we were looking in San Jose, Los Gatos, and Campbell. Quite a few people from Seth’s academy live in Santa Cruz so we ended up visiting a lot over the past few months. During the summer, we visit Santa Cruz pretty frequently, but we didn’t realize how gorgeous it is during this time of year.

Seth initially proposed the idea and I kind of laughed and said no way. To be completely honest, what scared me most is being that far from my family. It’s only 30-40 minutes, but I’ve never lived more than 10 minutes from my family. I’m extremely close to them and spend as much time as I can with them. However, the more we both thought about it, the more we realized that living in Santa Cruz could help us live the kind of lifestyle we really want.

That’s not to say we couldn’t live it here, but the distance Santa Cruz puts between us and the city we grew up in will make us more independent and will allow us to establish our own little family more. I’m also leaving my job, which is terrifying and exciting at the same time (more on that in another post).

When I think about living in Santa Cruz, I feel like we’re starting fresh. I have this picture of my mornings starting with a walk with Bailey along the coast followed by some meditation before heading into the day. We have a deck off our bedroom that I look forward to reading, eating, working, talking, and practicing yoga on. I can’t wait to start the decorating process, but I’m most excited to be so close to the ocean and to get outside more.

I’m excited to have more space around my days. Although we know a few people from academy that live down there, our closest friends and our families won’t be ten minutes away. There will be fewer distractions. I will have the space and time to do yoga, sit, reflect, and be. To really figure out what I want to do and how I can best serve others. To listen to what my intuition is telling me. This isn’t to say I’m planning on sitting around all day twiddling my thumbs. Quite the contrary – I think I’ll actually have to make a conscious effort to let myself be still instead of making sure I’m “busy” all the time. Because honestly, filling my day with to-dos and tasks comes more naturally than making the time to be still.

When I consider this move, I’m excited about the possibilities. The fact that this move coincides with the new year and with big career changes for both me and Seth really does make it a fresh start. I look forward to returning to better eating habits, more movement, more meditation, more time together, more time outside, a healthier lifestyle.

It’s funny because the beach has always been a big part of our relationship. There were a lot of day trips and bonfires spent at the beach with our friends during high school and college. We’ve spent numerous anniversaries at the beach. He gave me my promise ring in Monterey and proposed on the beach. So even though this is a big change for us, we’ve both always been drawn towards the coast.

I’m excited to see what happens. I’m more open to whatever is next than I’ve ever been before.

I’m looking forward to doing more home and lifestyle posts, updating you guys on the decorating process and any lifestyle changes. I hope you guys don’t mind. If you’re interested in seeing or hearing about anything in particular, let me know! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along and supporting this space.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I am dying to get some Christmas decorating done but can’t until next week so I’m hoping my social media feeds continue to be filled with Christmas things so I can live vicariously through you guys until then. :) Happy Friday!